Путь Господень

Chapter 2

Worship us and you will receive the kingdom

Work by S.Y. Kharchenko


        Having showed to Jesus “all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them”, the devil said to Him, “All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me” (Matt. 4:9). And indeed, there be given the power unto the devil. He manages darkness [1], so that Scripture compares our time with a night, because man cannot see in the darkness, cannot control the situation; he does not understand what is doing in the dark of the world. The middle of a night, when really haven’t seen anything, was in the middle ages. This time is referred as the dark ages. It was not easy to believers to live in the dark ages. Now though and night is, but it already is the beginning of the morning twilight. And soon, there shall rise up “the bright and morning star”.

The word of God compares England in the beginning of the XVII century with the anointed cherub. God created Lucifer (Is. 14:12), as a Person, bearing the light, “son of the morning” (Is. 14:12), but he rebelled against Him and became Satan. And the Anglo-Saxons acted similarly. They used their wisdom to acquisition of wealth. They have become the enemies of Him through their “traffick” (Ezek.28:5).

Knowing this “cherub”, as a person insidious, as the most skillful in his craft slanderer and a seducer, let’s draw a parallel with the modern Anglo-Saxon civilization; it is clearly stands out on the background of the whole world. What immediately strikes the eye so this is the English policy. It is the policy of double standards, the policy of “stone in the bosom”. Traditionally, it is considered one of the most treacherous in the world.

All ways of the devil are based on lies, deception, manipulation, coercion, violence, fear. The authority is given unto him to manage with darkness. In a similar, it is given power to Anglo-Saxons to fool people under guise of democratic values, using all of his techniques. And they do it; they are very heady and skilled in guile as Lucifer himself. We can see how they, protecting human rights in the world, sincerely concerned about with the needs of people, with their happiness and prosperity. Propaganda does not get tired to repeat that this is what they provide peace and prosperity in the world.

The British Empire is one of the most treacherous and murderous state formations in the history of mankind. One can say “a grave of the peoples” is located in London.[2] The first concentration camps were created Anglo-Saxons during the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902. “In this war the British were the first who applied “the tactic of scorched earth” in the land of the Boers and the concentration camps, in which was killed about 30 thousands of Boer women and children”. [3] The women and children were taken hostage. Anglo-Saxons rounded up them in a place, condemning to death.

And in the process of the suppression of the uprising Indians of North America, the British had repeatedly applying biological weapons. “The first cases of distribution and sale of infected clothing and fabrics to the native inhabitants of America are known yet in the 30s years of the 18th century”. General Amherst has applied this way, having provoked a war with the Indians in 1763. “By his order there were given blankets infected with smallpox to the Indians”. [4]

World War III could would begin on 1 July 1945, with the sudden blow to us “in the back” from the United forces of allies, the USA and Great Britain. Here is these are allies!!! The operation was called “Unthinkable”. [5] “In it there had to take part American, British, Canadian forces, the Polish expeditionary corps and 10-12 German divisions. Most of those that they kept not disbanded. One month before it, England instructors were training them”. [6] And this plan was developed for a few days before the Victory, what speaks about meanness and treachery of our “allies”.

“The Anglo-Saxons were preparing to break us through terror, through the savage destruction of the large Soviet cities: of Moscow, Leningrad, Vladivostok, Murmansk and etc., through the devastating blows of the waves “flying fortresses”. Several of millions of Russian people had to perish in the determined to the smallest detail “fiery tornadoes”. In this way, there were destroyed Hamburg, Dresden and Tokyo... Now, our “allies” were preparing to do this to us.

The usual thing: the most heinous betrayal, extreme meanness and a monster cruelty is a visiting card of Western Civilization and, especially, of the Anglo-Saxons who exterminated as many people as no nation in human history. However, on June 29, 1945, the day before the planned start of the War the Red Army, suddenly to treacherous enemy, changed its dislocation. In the end, there was no command from Anglo-Saxons about starting of the War. Before this event, taking of Berlin which was considered impregnable showed power of the Soviet Army and military experts of the enemy were inclined to cancel this attack on the Soviet Union”.

“Stalin’s decision about the storming of Berlin in the beginning of May 1945 prevented the World War III. Recently unclassified documents confirmed this. Otherwise, Berlin was would given up to “allies” without a fight, and the combined forces of the whole Europe and North America assaulted would to the Soviet Union”. [7]

The United States had a few such plans of attack, and every year they were corrected. For example, in plan of “DROPSHOT”, the development of which began in 1949, the only condition for the beginning of the war was accumulation with the United States of a certain number of nuclear bombs and other weapons for the unpunished attack. “But the problem of the unacceptable for enemy retaliation stood up in its full height”. [8] They were stopped just because of the atomic weapons was made in the Soviet Union in time.

The USSR, on the contrary, never has a plan with concrete planned dates of the beginning of the atomic attacks on the United States or Western Europe; there were plans to strike back. And in General, all initiatives for the partition of the world were coming out and are coming out only from the West, the USSR did retaliatory steps. Russia was and remains a country which is not attacking, but it always is defending. The English historian Alan Taylor, the author of the first revisionist interpretation of the causes of World War II, wrote: “The World experience of dialogue with the West shows that the West, as a rule, always is aggressor”. [9]

After the War, the United States patronized to Nazi’s criminals. [10] Also, and in the period of the War with fascist Germany, money, for the government of the United States, were still the most important thing in the world. A decree of the President of the USA Franklin Roosevelt on December 13, 1941 allowed keeping by the Americans of joint with the enemy business companies. The U.S. companies were receiving excess profit from trading with an enemy. “At the same time, (it is very interesting!), the United States during the War, has serious problems with a supply of synthetic rubber for the American industry. In the case of Germany, there were no problems”. [11]

History teaches us that one mustn’t rely on the United States and Great Britain; one mustn’t enter into Union with them. “The United States does not need allies, they need vassals”. [12] “It is bad thing to have the Anglo-Saxon as enemy, but it is worse to have his as a friend”. [13] They are like backwater cane. Scripture compares their with a bruised reed, on which if a man lean, it will go into his hand, and pierce it,

“so is Pharaoh king of Egypt unto all that trust on him” (2Kin.18:21).

Which side does the iron curtain descend with? It descended on the West side. The Soviet delegation in 1944 participated in the Bretton Woods Conference, but in December 1945, the USSR refused to sign it. “And in the interval between these events, in August 1945, there were the nuclear bombs dropped on Japan. That is, they gave time to comrade Stalin to think and understand, what will happen with the Soviet Union, if it will not enter in this System. Stalin refused. What did happen in March, 1946? It was Fulton speech of Churchill. Churchill delivers Iron Curtain. Stalin refused to enter the Bretton Woods System, refused to give our independence”. [14] The answer of Stalin to Churchill:

“In fact, Mr. Churchill and his friends in England and the United States present to Nations which do not speak on English language something like an ultimatum: “Accept our rule voluntarily, and then everything will be in order, otherwise the war is inevitable”. But the Nations shed blood within five years of a brutal war for the sake of freedom and independence of their countries, but not for the sake of that to replace the domination of Hitlers by the domination of the Churchills. It is likely, therefore, that the Nations which do not speak English and which, at the same time, constitute vast majority of the world’s population do not agree to enter to the new slavery”.

Stalin saw the wickedness of the “allies”, realized the guile of this transaction. One must pay tribute to the Anglo-Saxons. They are very capable students. “Recognize our domination voluntarily”, or in other words; worship us, and then what? Do they make you into a stall and it begins a new slavery? What are you, no! The Anglo-Saxons are very concerned with human rights around the world, concerned about the needs of people, with their happiness and prosperity. How else? They are only slightly inferior to the deceit of the devil. He promised “all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them” and these are bringing the “Freedom”; do we need this “freedom”? Other students, who were less capable, were speaking something like. They were bringing us the “Freedom” as well, saying: “Achtung, Achtung, Russian partisans, give up...”

But replacing of reign of Hitlers to reign of Churchills all the same had occurred. As a result of the military-political betrayal, the USSR was artificially dissected into 15 separate States. Winners formed their power apparatus, brought strategic resources out of territory of the Russian Federation and brought industrial objects of out national property. Russia pays tribute in the budget of the United States in currently. Under the slogans of democracy and liberalism, “liberators” created unheard before slavery on the earth.

Hitler reduced inhabitants to a certain quantity, destroying nations on the occupied territories, to control these affected territory. United States spend precisely the same policies to maintain its occupation regime. They reduce birth rate through destruction of a family, through destruction of national traditions, through supporting of homosexuality, of drug abuse, sexual education of children, introducing juvenile justice, destroying education, sowing propaganda vulgarity, lowering cultural and intellectual level, in order to turn remaining inhabitants into the stupid mass of ruminant animals, into the Americans of the second sort. The different are methods only, but the goals are the same. “Hitler removed out 50 thousand children, the Americans removed out 500 thousand children. They are more effective. Migration flows: Hitler withdrew 4 million of migrant workers from occupied territories of the Soviet Union and the Americans have taken almost in 10 times more”. [15]

They can begin to act more tightly, but then the world will rise up against them. Knowing history, we should admit that it would actually happen. Aggressor is always greedy and he does not know of measures. That’s the Americans, despite a global crisis, are convinced, they do not hope, but they are convinced, that they will live tomorrow better than today. And their expectations are not in vain, the military power of the country, its propaganda is sufficient for the preservation of their privileged position in the world.

But, in order to they have much more, one must to anywhere in the world on the same number became less, as in communicating vessels. And this means that in the conditions of deteriorating economic indicators of the countries they will begin make their colonial system stronger, extorting resources from their colonies even more. And when patience of the peoples comes to the end, uprising will be inevitable.

At the present time all deliveries of drugs from Afghanistan, Latin America and South-East Asia are under the control of the United States; these are their abundant places. After all, drugs in respect of the profits mean not less than oil for them. Military-transport planes of NATO take out opium from Afghanistan to Europe; these drugs are distributed already from Europe worldwide. By the way, compare the tasks, which were solving the Soviet troops in Afghanistan in due time with the current activities of the U.S. army in the same country. Soviet troops rebuilt the cities, building a peaceful life, and the mercenaries of the United States are in the works as well, that’s just the fruits of the U.S.A bring suffering and death to people. The production of heroin has increased in 44 times for the time of NATO’s presence in the country. “More than a million people in Russia have used the Afghan heroin”. [16]

“Drugs are one of the three whales on the U.S. economy is kept on. Oil and drugs divide among themselves the first place, and on the third place weapons are. Many of the rulers of the United States started wars because of the drugs, or rather they was told to come in that region of the earth, where the most profitable and productive plantations of narcotic plants were. The United States have almost a monopoly on cocaine in Latin America; they are struggling with drug traffickers, but only with those who work not under their roof. In the 60 years of the 20th century, in the interests of the tops of the CIA - these are the main curators of the drug trade, the United States come in the “Golden triangle” in the South-East Asia, first in Vietnam, and then and in Laos and Cambodia. They collect very good harvest of drugs on the border of Burma, Thailand and Laos, as well as in neighboring Vietnam and Cambodia; therefore it is given the name of the “Golden triangle” to this region”. [17]

The USA has a monopoly on control of all world trade. In this scheme even Somali pirates work on the U.S. economy. All goods are insured in dollars in the world trade and the U.S. is responsible for them. They are controlling the transit routes, and thus they guarantee the safety of the cargo. Whether the cargo is not insured? Will the United States lose their income? Of course! Somali pirates are for this. Pirates and American insurance companies have their “patents” to plunder. If the Queen of England Elizabeth I openly patronized the hands of robbers in the past, in our time, the U.S. has sponsored their activities in secret. But in general, in the world since then, nothing has changed. Dominating principle of politics is: “who is stronger that’s right”.

Now it becomes clear the reason of special cruelty or rather the atrocities of the fascists in the years of war. After all, they took the example, imitated their brothers from London, who grew them, gave them their ideology and directed against us. “All fundamental features of the German national-socialism such as presentation of themselves by master race, racism, anti-Semitism and genocide “the beast-men” - existed long before the birth of Adolf Hitler. And these fundamental features successfully are used in practice in the empire on which the sun never sets”. [18]

Our people broke the back of Hitler’s fascism, finished off the monster. Crimes of Nazism have been proved and convicted. Here is only nobody punished of the customer of these crimes. The Lair of Nazis has left living. It turned out to be in another place. That is the essence of the Anglo-Saxons to make a vile and to stay out of suspicion. And this ideology which is kindred to fascism, bringing genocide, violations of human rights and war crimes, still wasn't condemned.

“In the beginning of April 2007, both chambers of the US Congress presented a draft of law on establishment of a new military awards for participation in the Cold War (Cold War Service Medal), supported by a group of senators and congressmen from the democratic party, led by the State Secretary of the United States Hillary Clinton. The medal is expected to reward for these who served in the Armed Forces or was working in the state agencies of the USA in the period from September 2, 1945 till December 26, 1991”. In its essence, this is the medal for triumph over the USSR. [19]

As we can see, the Cold War did not begin with a speech of Winston Churchill in Fulton: it became a continuation of the World War II. In other words, our “allies” held “a stone in the bosom” whole war and all time were waiting for the opportunity to take advantage of it.

All of our inter-ethnic conflicts, developing of terrorism in the countries of the Middle East, South-East Asia, and on our territory phenomenon are not accidental. “If you look closely, who were studied in special schools in the United States and Great Britain, it becomes clear, it was there were preparing the Mujahideens and the Wahhabis”. [20]

The United Kingdom and the United States had been and have remained bitter enemies of Russia. “The presidential candidate of the Republican party Mitt Romney described Russia as a “geopolitical enemy number 1” for America”. [21]

And that’s how comrade Stalin characterized the policy of Great Britain in respect of the peoples of the world: “Englishmen particularly succeeded in the work of fomenting ethnic hatred and inciting of some people on the other. Thanks to such tactics, giving a bribe for mendacious and corrupt leaders of different peoples, the capitalists of the island England, of “the first factory of the world”, which is negligibly small in size, were able to capture the huge territory, enslave and rob many people of the world, make a “Great” British Empire, on which, as the British boastfully are saying, the sun never sets...” [22]

It is not surprising that the West is so unanimous in its hatred of Stalin. But none of liberals dare to organize a trial of Stalin. Otherwise, in the process, it became would clear the truth, which is not allowed to call Stalin a criminal. [23] The slanderers and falsifiers of a history try to instill hatred and disgust for this country where we were born and grew up, but we know where such opinions are formed, and why they do it. The beginning of this slander was put during the XX Congress, with revelations “cult of personality”. [24] “They tried to make a black hole in the public consciousness with the size of a 1929 to 1953. In the times of glasnost the black hole was increased to 70 years. Soon, it began to settle and on the whole 400-years history of Russia with the times of Ivan the Terrible”. [25] It is noted such pattern of behavior, if a person corresponds to his epoch and serves his country then liberal historians pour dirt at him. And their methods of manipulation of the public opinion are based on emotions. They are afraid the actual statistical figures. Solzhenitsyn counted 109 million repressed, without providing any evidence. [26] An information war against Russia is aimed at discrediting of the historical past and present of our country. They are trying make us hate each other, destroy spirit of patriotism.

Idea of the Imperial mission of the United Kingdom to be quite natural for the British and was confirmed by “science”. Eugenics, which like the theory of evolution, was born in England, confirmed right of the Anglo-Saxon race at world domination. It was developing and fully was fortified in the United States. The idea of a white, blond-haired, blue-eyed master Nordic race was born there before Hitler came to power. Already at the dawn of the Reich, representatives of American eugenics welcomed his plans, in which they saw a logical completion of their long-term studies. And Rockefeller did not spare money for German researchers. By the way, the founder of this pseudoscience was Francis Galton, who was a cousin of Charles Darwin. English psychologist and anthropologist Galton was a racist and taught the Africans were the inferior people. In his book “Narrative of an Explorer in Tropical South Africa”, he wrote: “These savages offer oneself upon slavery. They, generally speaking, have no independence: they go for the host, like a spaniel”. The Anglo-Saxons are guided by his conclusions to this day. The English race theory led of Churchill and his friends to the conclusion that “English-Speaking Peoples, as the only full-fledged have to rule over other peoples of the world”. [27]

Francis Galton said: “Weak peoples of the world must inevitably give way to the more noble varieties of mankind”. “Weak peoples of the world” one must understand Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iran, Russia, China, and India. In accordance to their notion, there are living people of the second grade, who are savages, natives there. And here they are, the Anglo-Saxons are noble, they are sure of themselves that they are righteous. They are self-righteous like those Pharisees about whom Jesus said:

“Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are as graves which appear not, and the men that walk over them are not aware of them” (Luke.11:44).

Anglo-Saxons can be likened to the tombs, not painted with bright yellow paint, which would have gave all know that there is a tomb with the body of a deceased person. A passer-by, seeing the tomb, had to step aside, so not harm it and be defiled. So and you cannot know of the Anglo-Saxon, until you undergo their influence; it is very dangerous for the human.

Mark TWAIN wrote, “that he is ashamed what he is Anglo-Saxon, he is shamed for human society, since it have to their ranks of Anglo-Saxons, this is a disgrace to the human race”. One day he was at a Banquet, where there were “no less than seventy-five civilians and twenty-five officers of the army and fleet”. And that’s Chairman, retired Englishman in high rank, said speech and enthusiastically stated: “We are the Anglo-Saxons; and when the Anglo-Saxon wants a thing he just takes it”. Mark TWAIN wrote: “If we translate this outstanding declaration (and feelings in it denominated) to the simple human language, then it will sound like this: “We, the British and Americans are thieves, robbers and pirates, what we are very proud of”. The ensuing two-minute enthusiasm of the public and inspiration, with which this statement was made, angered of Mark TWAIN, but he didn’t dare to speak out, because that he would be ridiculous in the role of a righteous man, trying to educate of these moral minors to basics of decency, which they are unable to understand or learn”. [28]

Historian Stuart Laycock , studying the history of nearly 200 countries, came to conclusion that only 22 countries of them have not experienced aggression of the British crown. The results of the research are reflected in the book: “All the Countries We’ve Ever Invaded: And the Few We Never Got Round To”. [29]

How do you think, what kind of subject matter of painting can decorate institutions of London? Here is, for example, in underground passages of the city Rostov-on-Don there is a mosaic. The topics are the following: creative work of Sholokhov “Quiet Don”; a happy peaceful life of Soviet people, their work, relaxation, and achievements, well and, of course, the defense of Rostov from the fascist invaders. This mosaic is performed like panorama on the wall of one of underground transitions. And in other cities of Russia the subjects of painting, given the geography, are similar to this. This reflects our mentality, our values.

In one of the institutions of London, too, as panorama, there is a very long fresco, drawn along the stairs. It tells us, as the children of England equip the military ship (sail), is going to on it in faraway lands; slaughter and looting of the native population, then loading on the ship stolen goods and bring its to their homeland, where they were met with respect and joy. So, clearly and frankly, fresco reflected the essence of the Anglo-Saxon policy, reflected the history of confrontation between Anglo-Saxons and the rest world over the last four hundred years. After all, the plunder of the colonies still continues, only now it is in the world scale and in different form.

And really, thieves, robbers and pirates were the main basic power of England always. These are people, which do not know of nobility and high moral qualities. Therefore, Hollywood and English writers create image for us, what, as they say searching for treasures is romantic and heroic deeds. Francis Drake, one of the most successful pirates of all times, became a British Admiral, and the Queen Elizabeth gave him a knighthood, thus showing for a whole world of the kind of state is England. And at the present time all of the rebels, thieves and robbers from all over the world strive to be faithful “knights” of the British crown.

Geopolitics figuratively compares the domination of Anglo-Saxons over other peoples and looting these peoples as a conflict between the Land and the Sea. “Land and Sea are constants of geopolitics. Today, the most powerful marine State pursuing a policy of Atlanticism is the United States. Atlanticism is a strategy of the Sea. A geopolitical doctrine of Land is Eurasianism. So, Atlanticism and Eurasianism are two ways of looking at the world, respectively with the eyes of the Sea and the Land. What is their essence in? The Sea is considering a whole World as multitude of Islands, subject to colonization; and Eurasia is the main of them”. [30] And what is interesting Scripture confirms this image. The United States are located “in the midst of the seas” (Ezek.27:4). And “perfection of beauty” (Ezek.27:3) of this Island is reached for account of robbery of a whole World, because this Island is inhabited “of seafaring men” (Ezek.26:17), “which cause their terror to be on all that haunt it”! (Ezek.26:17).

By the way, before the era of liberalism such “seafaring men” should be hanged on Rhea without court and investigation.



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