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Chapter 3

The “East Wind”

“Thy rowers have brought thee into great waters: the east wind hath broken thee in the midst of the seas”. (Ezek.27:26)

Russia is concentrating

Work by S.Y. Kharchenko


        The most important events of the year 2012 were presidential elections in Russia. Our geopolitical “friends” want to see as President of Russia their man, who were, for example, a traitor Gorbachev or compromiser Yeltsin. They want Russian’s power to be dependent, weak and fully controlled by them. Indeed, since the beginning of perestroika our country was prepared to division and robbing, but Putin has destroyed all their plans. He preserved the Russian Federation, stopped the “parade of sovereignties” which began Yeltsin, destroyed this oligarchic system of management, cancelled the agreement on production section and kept the nuclear shield of our country. He outlined his position as the national leader, although he was forced to act secretly and with the half-measures, as a prospector in rear of the enemy. And they cannot arrange with him already. “Today’s attention the USA to Russia is attention to enemy who was not finally defeated in 1991”. [1]

Russia has a huge territory and treasures of the soil, the huge economic and military potentials, so the West will do its utmost to prevent the emergence of a strong competitor. Russia is unacceptable for them in terms of risks. But since nobody managed to absorb Russia, their task is such as before -- to break up its. They will not allow the continued existence of Russia in its current borders. [2]

Dulles said: “We’re going to throw everything that we have - all gold, all material power for duping and fooling people! A human brain, consciousness of people is capable to be changed. Sowing chaos, we will quietly replace their values on fake and force them to believe into these false values. How? We will find like-minded people, our allies in Russia...” [3]

And indeed, they have found haters of Russian’s statehood. Hundreds of thousands of deceived and gullible people are ready to go for them. We hear strange slogans and statements: “to break with the legacy of the Soviet era”, “stop feeding Caucasus”, “to separate from Russia all the extra territory”, “ER is a party of thieves and crooks”, “Rashka have no future”; increasingly there are unauthorized marches, demonstrations and rallies. Funded by the global banking mafia agents of foreign influence, in other words, the fifth column openly calls to violence and shedding of blood, supports separatism. Only in Moscow there are about 20 000 politicians who receive money for their anti-state activities. [4] The West continues to support terrorists in Chechnya and Dagestan.

The backstage world gives installation to itself: “We will force Russians to take up arms. We configure the Chechens, the Tatars, the Bashkirs and the Dagestanis against the Russians. We must make them to fight each other”. Their task is to implement a Libyan scenario in Russia, to overthrow the government trough color revolution. And their revolutionaries twice already destroyed Russia: in 1917 and 1991. Because the backstage world always generously financed their work in our country; they do not limit themselves with paint and paper. The backstage world does not leave us alone, because they perceive us as enemies who prevent to their world domination; so reconciliation is impossible with them; we are convinced of it too. Russia had unilaterally been disarmed, but the world had not become safer. We refused from monarchy, then from communism. Now we officially have taken all democratic representation, but we are bad for them still. What are we to do, if confrontation is not stopping, if the West does not recognize diplomacy, and recognizes only force?

In 1937 Stalin destroyed the fifth column, managed externally, suppressed in the bud all the orange thoughts and acts, and therefore won a War. But its organizers are living even now. This time, to destroy a source of evil, there is a necessary to hack to a root. Only one need be able to reach it. Currently the USA continues to deploy elements of its MISSILE defense system along the perimeter of our borders, ignoring Russian’s interests. They develop Space & Missile Defense, and already set fire the Middle East. They prepare a military conflict in the world scale. According to the plan of arsonists fire must gain strength and come to our southern borders, so that after to destroy us with someone else’s hands again, as they were already trying make it in 1941.

“All geopolitical logic of history goes to the following: The Sea attacks the Land to tear off pieces of its territory and bring under its control. For this reason (because it is impossible to penetrate deep into the Land immediately) they introduce two key concepts: the first is a coastal zone (rimland). It includes the countries that surround the Land from the side of the Sea, which are as if intermediate, “coastal”. These are, in particular, Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and the Middle East. Inside the Land there is the heartland -- the geopolitical axis of history (accordance to H. Mackinder), center of the world (literally, a heart of the land). Geopolitical strategy of the Sea stipulates that: if soon to conquer the heartland is not possible, one must surround it and strangle, having created “the sanitary cordon”, “Anaconda ring”.

Proceeding from this, it becomes clear all: the collapse of the USSR, NATO enlargement (deeply into the heartland); persistent involvement of the former Soviet republics in the Nord-Atlantic patterns; reformatting of the Middle East, etc.; these are all the links of one chain. The Sea occurs on the Land from all sides, enveloping heartland. It is easy to see that a heartland is Russia, whatever role it played in history: the Russian Empire, or of the USSR or the Russian Federation. Around it there is an area that is a coastal zone”. [5]

The Anglo-Saxon world understands that a mission of Russia is to create the unified Eurasian Empire, and this will be the end of strategy of the Sea, and thus, them also. So they bring pressure to bear us. There are internal and external threats on which one should to respond quickly.

Our financial system is not national, we game by their rules. It is clear that according to this game Russia is doomed to lag in development, until, in the end, we divide the fate of the American Indians. The role of a bullock has been destined to our country, which must be sacrificed for the sake of the “Golden billion”. And so, a matter of sovereignty is a matter of life or death.

“Winners (the USA) established external control over Russia through the “soft power”, have written their legislation, have tied economy to a dollar, have established mechanisms for pumping resources (both natural and human), have brought criminal elite, covering them with a hood of propaganda, have broken the industry and all possible points of growth. All the disadvantages of modern Russia were laid in 1991, as elements of a single mechanism of its management, including oligarchic corruption”. [6]

At the end of 2011 Putin said that a phase of recovering is over. And what is next? Realizing inevitability of solution of the problem by military way, the government of Russia plans to spend 23 trillion roubles for the re-equipment of the Russian Armed Forces till the end 2020. It is planned to upgrade weapons to 80 %, and some kinds of troops at 100 %. In addition, this year, there has sharply increased servicemen's money allowances. Our country is preparing to a war on the sly. Russia will not go for an open confrontation with the System, until it complete the retooling of. Power is not enough. The nuclear shield of the country is recovering rapidly. Russian makes modernization of the Navy and the Army. All countries of the BRICS modernize the Armed Forces rapidly also.

“The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD”. (Prov. 21:31)

Russia is configuring and focusing, preparing for a decisive battle for national sovereignty. Patriotic public movement is gaining strength. But when it aggravates, development of the country will have the strongest confrontation from side of the United States. Standards of living will not grow in this country; the number of terrorist attacks will increase. The leading ideologist of the foreign policy of the USA warns: “If the Russians were so stupid as to try to rebuild their Empire, they will get such conflicts that Chechnya and Afghanistan will seem them as a picnic”. [7] And preparation to such conflicts is already happening in the Middle East; soon it will cover the entire coastal zone (rimland).  It is clear winner makes his best to prostrate enemy could not able to restore production, develop the country, turn into a strong competitor. First of all, they will create interregional conflicts. Now in Tatar Stan there appeared perturbed followers of non-traditional Islam; in the Republic there is an undeclared war. We understand who is a customer. What comes next? May be Chechen scenario? But this is unlikely. The wish set on to fight of all us one against another will only lead to the opposite effect - the rallying people against a common enemy. Joseph Vissarionovich said accordance to this tactic the United Kingdom: “This number, while we are alive, will not go”. The ruler of Dagestan says: “We will make a decision so in every city, in every district to organize self-defense units, squads of young people willing under the guidance and together with the bodies of internal Affairs work to ensure security, to punish these bandits and terrorists. This is the order to all the leaders of cities and regions”.

And it will be like the song: “stand up, great country...” Our country has historically psychology of leadership; put and keep it in a cage, like other countries, nothing will come of it.

The task to change the global financial and economic system, to rescue the country from “a whale”, as from fascism during the War years, will be a unifying idea in Russia, in the revived Union.

A problem is that people don’t have a national identity. They do not understand the reality, do not understand the real causes of the events, and fully allow media to manipulate their minds. They don’t realize that this country is enslaved, and it means our government, the State Duma, media are controlled from outside. We are forbidden to develop our country and have a high standard of living.

Meanwhile, the world crisis is continuing. The United States degrades; the EU is on the verge of collapse; they will soon be having mutual discord and strife. Good life, the life of the debt, ends there; this old system is dying and a new one is only forming. In the post-Soviet space there started movement for reunification of the former powerful country and its people. And integrity of the country will be restored! From 1 January 2012 in the territory of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan there had earned the Common Economic Space. And documents on creation of the Eurasian Union have already been signed. This process cannot be stopped, it is not reversible. Our task is preparing for independent and free swimming in the future, because the Western economy is not viable.

And in general, there is a regularity: after the collapse of Russia and decreasing of its size then it always passes like mercury comes together in a single whole, and this whole, taking with the new territories, becomes even more.

Otto von Bismarck, nicknamed the “iron Chancellor”, knew history and had sound judgment; he said: “Even the most favorable outcome of the war will never lead to the decomposition of the main force of Russia, which is based on the millions of Russians.... these the last, even if they are dismembered with the international treatises, are connecting to each other very fast again, like mercury, cutting into pieces. This inviolable state of the Russian nation is strong its climate, its spaces and limitations of the needs”. [8]

If there is the “heart” (Ezek.28:2) “in the midst of the sea” (Ezek.27:32), then, accordance to dualism, there must be a heart in the midst of the largest continent, that is, the heartland. Usually in the central parts of the continent winds are rare; there is calm weather there. But soon, in the Eastern hemisphere, in the heartland there will be born “wind”, which quickly will gain strength and begin its movement towards a huge Island. In the middle of the sea this “wind” will raise such a wave, which will cover this Island of mariners, wash away all the cities thereof and turn into the wilderness thereof. The Scripture calls this “wind” as the East wind, because the heartland is Russia-Eurasia. And here is the words come to mind: “Russians tolerate long and beat strongly”, “the Russian peasant harnesses long, but he rides quickly”.

One must pay tribute, the terms of geopolitics the Sea and the Land which are adopted by the concepts of the Anglo-Saxon world, quite accurately reflect reality, but  it is generally agreed that people living in Russia will see this confrontation of struggling Good and Evil, with all the ensuing consequences. Only one nation which lives in the heartland is capable to give a dare to the world system. And a dogma of geopolitics, “the Sea attacks the Land”, will go away from now and forever in the past.


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