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Chapter 2

The “divine” mission of the USA

“blue and purple from the isles of Elishah was that which covered thee” (Ezek. 27:7)

At “the entry of the sea”

Work by S.Y. Kharchenko


        Some of the Anglo-Saxons went with their ingenuity even further. They increased their wealth (Ezek.28:5), by their “great wisdom”, by “traffick” with the US dollar, so successfully, that they set their “heart as the heart of God” (Ezek.28:2). New England increased of English settlements on the coast of the Atlantic ocean, “on the edge of the sea” (Ezek.27:3), turned later into a huge American Island, symbolizing civilization of Sea, because the United Kingdom has got the United States as a good cudgel. The colonies of New England had been the first North American colonies of the British Empire. One can say this region of six States, which is “the land of Pathros” (Ezek.29:14) prophetically, is a place of origin of the United States as a nation.

“When the United States was a British colony, the currency on the American continent was maintained with British pounds. After the Revolutionary War the Americans decided to get their own currency. In 1785, the US Congress announced a dollar as the national monetary unit. This immediately narrowed the scope of using of the pound and deprived the Bank of England part of the “market” of its products. Bankers simply had to try to regain control over the financial system of the USA. Goal was not reached by military way. England lost the American War of Independence. There remained the path of intrigue and behind-the-scenes machinations. To restore control over financial system of the United States does not need new intervention at all. There was enough to create analogue of the Bank of England on American soil. A new “printing-press” had to belong to the same bankers that and old one”. [1] In addition, in the U.S. at that time there was no industry, and, therefore, there were no super-rich peoples. Although at that time no industry was giving super profits, but opium trade did. The main thing was to get approval of the Queen of England.

Bankers of England were organizing the emission of dollars in the United States for a long time, because the presidents of the United States stubbornly resisted them. At first, they gave right of the emission to Private Bank. It functioned for 20 years. But the license term was ending and the struggle of the bankers for the right of the emission was resumed again.

In the XIX century economic and financial center moved from the UK to the USA. In 1913, on the territory of the United States was formed the new Private Emissions Centre, way to which lay through a death of the presidents. “A murder of politicians is typical for Britain form of diplomacy”. [2] In fact, there was created Financial Private Corporation of the British Empire in its former colony.

Scripture calls the Anglo-Saxon elite, clans of London and of Washington, the princes: “The princes of Zoan”, “the princes of Noph” (Is. 19:13). “Nobody was choosing them any ever. People did not vote for them. Nobody delegated a formal authority to them. They are simply private persons. They are very powerful individuals who able to solve, what will be the world. They presented these powers themselves to themselves and they chose themselves by the lords”. [3] In fact, these are Bandits in expensive suits and tuxedos.

In 1912, they suborned next U.S. President Woodrow Wilson. He accepted their conditions in exchange for monetary support for his election campaign. And in December 1913, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill on the establishment of the Federal Reserve System, which already was adopted in the United States Senate. All amendments to it were rejected in the Senate. Now these unknown to the world people, the “princes of Zoan” and “the princes of Noph”, rule the entire financial life of the world, having influence the course of human history. Woodrow Wilson is depicted on the notes of the highest par value of 100 000 dollars as gratitude from the FED. These unknown to the world people staged the two World Wars. Financing of Hitler, they brought him to power and directed him against the Soviet Union. [4] All the revolutions that have taken place in Russia were financed by representatives of these clans.

In the XIX century a whole world was paying the peaceful tribute to the sons of Albion in the form of the state debts, stocks, and bonds. The current extortions from a whole world, flowing into Federal Reserve System of USA, in fact, are a peaceful contribution too. No wonder that the United States has the most powerful Armed Forces in the world. This military power is necessary to “the mighty one of the heathen”, (Ezek.31:11) to save the global financial system, to preserve his privileged position in the world and all financial streams of the world could flow only in one river, created by them, and river could flow in the sea.



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