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Chapter 1

The first “factory of peace”

Work by S.Y. Kharchenko


        But time passed, and people used God’s wisdom for other purposes - for the acquisition of corruptible wealth. In London there had been given the green light to such human qualities as greed, selfishness, arrogance, meanness. After the death in 1658 of zealous Protestant, the leader of the English revolution of Oliver Cromwell, in the country there was reestablished the Stuart monarchy. “The Puritan virtues which are thrift, devotion, efficiency, were declared as ridiculous and absurd. Immorality and dissipation came to replace them”. [1] But all the same the apogee of reforms there was 1653 year. And already in the same year in the country there was set authoritarian power. On April 20, 1653 Cromwell dissolved the Parliament which wanted to perpetuate own power. And that was the last time, when he showed great qualities of a revolutionary, “...he said, that the Lord has renounced them and elected to his instrument of other people, more worthy, to do his work”. “On the officers’ Board, it was decided to convene, as members of Parliament “God’s people”, i.e. representatives of the ecclesial communities. On July 1653, 140 people, selected officers’ Council from the candidates, the Church congregations by County were gathered in London”. “Proclaiming its intention “to become the instrument, putting away any oppression and removing obstacles to all in need and are heavy Laden were blessed”, the Parliament of Saints formed committees, each of which must prepare a draft of the relevant reforms. So, they assigned to the committees for the reform of the legal system, recommendations to assist the poor and the victims of enclosure, reform of the financial system, the Church of the device and marriage. This was the circle of discussed questions. Already the first steps of the work of this Parliament indicated that it is not going to be limited to discussions. It began with the fact that it overturned the lease of taxes, the financial system, enriching contractors for the expense of the Treasury; must be destroyed excise-duties, especially burdensome for the poor; there was discussed the bill on the reform of the Chancery court (the Supreme court in civil cases), having a widely shameful glory the unprecedented red tape (it had accumulated more than 20 thousands of unresolved cases, many of which were 20 or even 30 years old) and bribery. The Church marriage was replaced by civil marriage (for the first time was introduced for registration of acts of civil status). The question of tithing was opened to the solution. “Let those who need to them contain of priests” -- that was simple and bold formula. But the officer’s top leaders were frightened of such radical reforms, coming from the people. Against the “small Parliament” there was started a campaign of slander and persecution. Entering into a conspiracy with the moderate part of Parliament, the officers decided to put an end to the activities of the Parliament of Saints. 12 December 1653 by conspiracy there was declared a “self-dissolution” of the “Parliament of Saints”. “Cromwell according to his custom made view that this is a complete surprise to him”. Cromwell was proclaimed Protector of England on 16 December 1653. [2] With this event, the Ministry of England passed in other quality.

In the same century, in 1694, for the first time in history, there was made the Private Share Premium Center -- the Bank of England. In fact, the number of issued bank papers, paper money, did not comply with the gold stock, saving in the Bank. Quantity of the issued money was considerably higher than it. But who could check number of delivered gold in the Bank, and its quantity in the cellars and the vaults of the Bank before? The people trust this Bank as a State institution, because it was disguised under it. No wonder that the British government of that time was called the government of the bankers. As a result of such deception economy of England has received a huge stimulus to the development. This reflected in the war with France. England won in it a complete victory, and began to dominate at the seas. Possible to have large financial resources gave to the British Government a tremendous influence on external and internal affairs of other States. Often, successes of British diplomacy had been achieved without shedding of British blood, and even without military expenditures. Other Nations encountered the financial difficulties and poured the blood instead of England. It only reaped sown by it the fruits of detestation and kept in its hands the debt obligations of the combatants.

Its economic and military power became the basis for the colonial activities. They slaughtered and sold into slavery indigenous population of the colonies. First they used of white slaves, “then they brought the niggers; only in British colony in North America, and later in the independent States there was brought about 13 millions of slaves from Africa, but given that fact that on each brought alive slave there had been 3-4 of those were killed during the “hunt at people” in the Africa and during transporting -- the numbers of genocide are simply enormous”. [3]

Britain has become the world leader in the slave trade and trade of opium. To get rich quick, one must first rid of morality. Therefore abound those who have been more calculating, ruthless to competitors and prone to risk. It had came power of money. The merchants of foggy Albion organized the supply of opium in large quantities on the territory of China, getting a huge profit. Therefore, the English crown drew its riches from “the drug money”. And since then nothing has changed, still “part of wealth of the Queen of England comes from drug trafficking”. [4] “Opium war” of the middle of XIX century continues in our time, only the scales of the drug trade have changed.

So with the advent of the first in the world of private emission center there began forming a new model of development - financial capitalism, which gave the beginning of the scientific-technical progress. Since then reception of the maximum profit is the highest purpose of all human life, because the money in the Western world are object of worship, and the financial system is a religion. And in our time there is the freedom from morality in the scale of the whole world. The whole West is built on money, and in the U.S. not only the values of life are expressed in dollars, but even man himself is estimated with money. A human is appraised exactly as much as he earns.

Huge cash in the hands of the smartest people, deprived of their morality, did its work. Now not only the coordinates and time is counted on London, but also the level of democracy and freedom of speech. In London there is the criterion for this assessment. In London there is a centre of formation and manipulation of people’s minds; from here comes out slander and falsification of history. Freedom of speech and human rights is only a pretext of the struggle for the world supremacy. If, for example, the country has established a “friendly” relations with the United Kingdom and the United States it means that there is won democracy and freedom of speech, and if the country is independent itself, then mainstream media of the West and its public organizations are beginning to create a negative image of the country and its leader. They destabilize and destroy them. It turns out that in such countries there is no democracy at all or it is not enough. These are such countries as Venezuela, Libya, Belarus. And the former USSR is the “prison of peoples” generally. And there are the countries outcasts. They will pin accusations upon them, start to make understanding, and if a country is weak, then they will become to bomb. The Anglo-Saxons keep the puppet governments in more than 170 countries around the world. They impose on all their worldview, export their values, and it all in order to make it easier to rob. They entice of people by their idea of consumerism and like the devil (Luke.4:5-7) they declare to all world slyly: “Worship us and you will receive the kingdom”. People believed, were coming and bowed, but the life, on the contrary, was becoming only worse. But now, the number of States in the world, where people naively believe in charms of Western democracy, significantly diminished. As it turned out, there are no countries bad and good. There are only its countries and other.

“The entire foreign policy of England is a series of flagrant violations of International Law, what does not prevent, however, the same England in most cases, to be a respected interpreter of this Law. Britain is fighting solely for the sake of robbery, against the weak and the defenseless, and even with unheard of brutality and violation of all kinds of conventions. Not looking at it, the voice of the UK is recognized as crucial and in matters of humaneness”. [5] These lines were written in 1912, this is already one century passed, but policies of Great Britain and its influence in the world has not changed. And this is despite the fact that it handed over the baton to U.S., conceding a right of first place in the economic and technological development. It had been the economic superpower with 1845 till 1870; that is still in the century before last. It had been the only in the world “Empire on which the sun never sets”; its total area are one-fourth of the earth! All of this is in the past. But still the capital of the world is London [6], but not New York and the “voice of the Great Britain” still is the casting vote! Why? After all, leader is the United States in the economy and the military sphere. And there are reasons for this.

So, the first industrialized country in the world has become a country, where was appeared the Private Emission Center. Since then all the wars were organized with one purpose - the destruction of the economic systems of competitors and the expansion of its influence.



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