Путь Господень

Part 1

The history of “ancientry”

Chapter 1

Civilization of “Ancient Greece” and “Ancient Rome”

Work by S.Y. Kharchenko .


        Many people believe that the Flood completely destroyed the first civilization, so much so that there are no traces left of it. But if this were so, then the level of European culture would forever remain at the level of the Middle Ages or, most likely, would fall even lower. And only thanks to keeping continuity with the past civilization, the transition from the darkness of the Middle Ages to the culture of the New Age became possible. It was begun a religious movement to reform the Catholic Church. In the XVI century there was widely used printing of books. And when the Renaissance ended, in 1611 a translation of the Bible into English was released. The Bible of King James became accessible to the common man and this was made possible thanks to the influence of the culture of antediluvian civilization. Until that time, the Roman Catholic Church kept people in ignorance. Having taken “the key of knowledge:” they entered not in yourselves, “and them that were entring in,” they hindered. (Luke 11:52).

The culture of the past antediluvian civilization, on the eve of the catastrophe, reached the highest level of development. There was a legacy to us left: cities, palaces, cathedrals, buildings, monuments and works of art. This cultural heritage has provided invaluable assistance to our civilization it has healed a person from the fear and ignorance of the Middle Ages, and influenced his creative activity, awakening talents.

Official history claims that Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome were the cradle of European civilization and culture. But this is not just a fallacy. This is a conscious distortion of historical events. There was no flowering of the culture of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

The reason for this ignorance is the neglect of the Word of God. Only the Word of God gives answers to all questions. But in the scientific community, it is not the Bible that is generally accepted, but the theory of evolution. This explains why we live in a world of total lies. Official history hides and, if possible, destroys everything that does not correspond to their doctrine.

Why is the official history of the founding of the city of St. Petersburg falsified? After all, the history of this city began much earlier, of that time, which official sources speak of. But historians are consciously blind. They have already made their choice in which the blessings of the world outweighed the voice of conscience, therefore they pretend that they see nothing. But what if, for example, we admit that the city was built before the flood? Then you will have to answer the question: “How did the culture of antediluvian civilization, in fact of the Stone Age, reach the highest level of development?” Of course, they have no answer to this question. To tell the truth means to lose ranks, an armchair, money, because all the heap of lies built by them over the centuries will collapse, and this is like death. To remain silent means to maintain their position in society.

The recognition of antediluvian civilization with a high level of cultural development contradicts the theory of evolution, which means that falsification of history will continue further.

Few people ask questions: What came before us? Who are our ancestors? And who are we? Most people are ignorant. The media give such information that people want to hear, which is consistent with the worldview of the majority, it does not break the established views in society. The powers encourage the ignorance of people, in every possible way dividing them from the truth, because such people are easier to rule.

Minister of Education A. Fursenko, speaking at the conference of the Seliger-2007 youth forum, said the following: “The drawback of the Soviet education system was an attempt to shape a human-creator, but now the challenge is to nurture a qualified-consumer.”

There are people who see the lies of historians, and expose their deception. But then, in an attempt to find the answers on their own, they run into the wall. These searches lead them into new wilds. This is the fate of all adherents of an alternative study of history. Their errors look even worse than the lies of historians. They blame anyone, but not themselves, on the lies. And this is the fate of every person who rejects biblical truth.

Everyone who rejects the Word of God is like a person who rejects his generation.

The theory of evolution has a religion related to it, it is called eugenics. Its founder, Francis Galton, is a cousin of Charles Darwin. It affirms the right of the Anglo-Saxon race to world domination. Then this idea of ​​a dominant race was taken up by Hitler. In Germany, there was a lesson in racial theory. But everything is in vain, it is impossible to improve the human race, to defeat the imperfection of human nature. The victims of this “science”, about the race of lords, were about 80 million people who died during the Second World War. But the theory of evolution is even worse. It, like a weapon of mass destruction, will kill a much larger number of people, because many people, without critical thinking, believe lies. But this will be their choice.



Radiometric dating methods



The official “science” calls the age of the Earth 4,600,000,000 years. It is determined by radiometric dating. Indeed, the age of any item can be determined if it contains radioactive decay products. To do this, conduct a study on the content of a particular isotope with a known half-life. The method is based on comparing two values. It is relatively accurate and reliable for radiocarbon dating, provided:

First, we know what the initial amount of the isotope was in the subject. Its initial amount is determined by indirect methods.

Secondly, the system must always be closed.

Thirdly, the age of the item should not exceed the number of years that have passed since the Flood, because we do not know the decay rate of this isotope before the flood, and the number of isotopes in the environment at that time is unknown. In other words, during the Flood, the “clock” was replaced and a different time was set on it.

Common radiometry methods are:

·         potassium argon (K, Ar)

·         thorium-lead-uranium (U, Th, Pb)

·         carbon-14 (C-14)

For the first time, a carbon isotope was used as a “clock”; it is carbon-14. Any living organism always contains a certain amount of radioactive carbon-14, and it ceases to accumulate with the death of the organism. Thus, radiocarbon dating determines the time of death of the body. The half-life of carbon-14 is 5700 years; and after another 5700 years, half of the remaining atoms of the isotope will decay.

Carbon 14 is formed high in the atmosphere when cosmic rays collide with nitrogen nuclei. But before the flood, the “water” shell protected the Earth from this collision. But when this protection did become unavailable, the amount of carbon isotopes 14 in the environment increased sharply. And this global change in the amount of carbon 14 is not taken into account when dating age. So there is a huge mistake in dating the age. For example, if an object does not contain carbon 14, then it will be determined the age of about a million years, since there is always background radiation; it will be measured. By the way, coal and oil have a very low carbon content of 14.

Can you imagine what fantastic results can be obtained if an isotope with a very long half-life is used in radiometric dating? Potassium 40 has a half-life of 1 billion 238 million years! And it is used in potassium-argon dating. Given that this method is used to date the age of rocks, and is able to give out a fantastic age, it is a convenient tool that helps evolutionists to tailor their data to the desired result. But scientific evidence of evolutionary theory, of course, is not.

The uranium thorium-lead method is based on the conversion of isotopes of uranium 235, uranium 238 and thorium 232 into lead isotopes.

The half-life of uranium-235 is 704 million years.

The half-life of uranium-238 is 4 billion 468 million years.

The half-life of thorium-232 is 14 billion 10 million years.

As you can see, isotopes with unacceptable half-lives are used, which also puts an end to this method, as well as to the previous one. No wonder this method is considered “the gold standard” of geochronology. The half-lives of isotopes in this method fully meet all the requirements of evolutionists. By the way, using this method, a geologist from the University of Chicago, Claire Cameron Patterson, for the first time “accurately determined” the age of the Earth in 1953.

Evolutionists believe that lead is solely a product of the decay of uranium. While, this element received an independent existence simultaneously with uranium. The whole amount of lead in nature is not a decay product at all, as they think. Therefore, they measure the time that was set on the “clock” initially. And in order to see the movement of the hands on such a “clock”, a couple of hundreds of millions of years must pass.



Stone Age



The official “science” divides the Stone Age into periods:

Paleolithic (ancient stone) - from 2.5 million years to 10 thousand years BC. e.

Mesolithic (middle stone) - from 10 thousand to 6 thousand years BC. e.

Neolithic (new stone) - from 6 thousand to 2.5 thousand years BC. e.

The Stone Age, as a long period of development of mankind, is a myth. No anthropoid apes existed. Scripture says that the first person stood out with his intellect. He gave names to all beasts and birds, but for man there was not found an helper meet for him.

“And out of þe ground the LORD God formed euery beast of the field, and euery foule of the aire, and brought them vnto Adam, to see what he would call them: and whatsoeuer Adam called euery liuing creature, that was the name thereof.

And Adam gaue names to all cattell, and to the foule of the aire, and to euery beast of the fielde: but for Adam there was not found an helpe meete for him” (Gen.2:19,20).

There was no time in the history for people to they live in caves, their main weapons were clubs and spears, all their tools were made of stone, and they learned to make fire by friction. The existence of a long period of time for the development of mankind is necessary to justify the theory of evolution.

In the first two periods of the Stone Age (Paleolithic, Mesolithic), the Earth and even the Universe did not exist. And only the Neolithic partially captures the period of the antediluvian world 6000-4500 years ago, it is 4000 - 2500 years before the birth of Christ. It is no accident that the end of the Stone Age (Neolithic) coincides with the end of the flood and the settlement of Noah's descendants throughout the earth. After the Flood, the soil layer with obvious inclusions of material traces of human activity was destroyed. Traces of human life turned into single fragments mixed with the mainland layer. Therefore, different things, tools and weapons can be in the most unexpected places:

For example, the so-called “London Hammer” (also known as the “London Artifact”) was made in “the Stone Age”, and was found, ingrown into stone, on the surface of the earth. Its wooden handle has petrified outside, and inside it has turned to coal.

The ULFBERHT swords were made of pure metal without impurities and slag, and had a large amount of carbon. When and where these swords were found there is no reliable information.

But the cultural layer, starting from the XXV century BC, was written, as it were, from scratch, on the mainland layer on which there were no vestiges of human activity. It is clear that all archaeological finds dated to the 25th century BC and later, could no longer be attributed to the Stone Age. Therefore, the XXV century BC was made the border of two eras, separating the Stone Age and the Bronze Age.

 In general, the name “Stone Age”, as applied to the time period of the antediluvian world, perfectly characterizes it, because the manufacture of products of such beauty from stone will not be repeated in any century.



Polygonal masonry



Polygonal masonry is spread all over the globe, it, folded almost 6000 years ago, survived the Flood and still stands. The Incas, the ancient Egyptians and the ancient Romans have nothing to do with it.

Stones of various irregular shapes are so adjusted to each other that there are no gaps between them. Perfect pairing and unique durability were achieved.




It amazes and admires with its jewelry accuracy of the fit of stones. It is bewildering because, based on our technologies and our ideas, this should be a very time-consuming work: granite blocks, including megaliths, had to be cut down in the rocks, then transported to the construction site, adapting to each other so to there were no gaps. But it’s impossible to manually extract such blocks, process them, transport them and build a structure! According to official science, falsely so called, the technologies existing at that time allowed people to make stone axes, silicon tips for spears and arrows, and still make fire by friction. And that’s it! This is one extreme. The other extreme is the deification of the ancient builders. There are ongoing disputes, the number of versions increases over time, and the answer is not found. And people draw their conclusions: “The ancient builders had fantastic technology. They were aliens from other worlds, and these technologies are beyond our understanding.” But it turns out that these builders were our ancestors, they knew a little more than we imagined about them. And they, of course, had tools “in brasse and iron” (Gen. 4:22)

Material for the construction of fortresses, bridges, temples, amphitheaters, monuments was really mined in quarries. The future stone was in an amorphous state and ready for use. The Lord God, creating the Earth, provided everything for a comfortable life of a person, everything “was very good”. The earth’s crust in its original form had a special structure, “standing out of the water, and in the water” (2Pet.3:5). Therefore, the future stone of the young Earth was soft and plastic, like plasticine. The “stones” one can cut like a cake with a knife. This circumstance allowed the ancient builders to assemble very high-quality structures from multi-ton blocks of incredible shape. No solution, as a connecting link, was required in this technology. It’s impossible to come up with anything simpler in construction, it’s never easier, and people, of course, took the path of least resistance.

Having plastic stone at your disposal, you can come up with many different masonry manufacturing technologies, it all depended on the skill and talent of the builder. But in any case, there was no need for high-tech equipment and unique tools. The construction used the most primitive tools. One of the options is when in the formwork a plastic stone was pressed into an already hardened stone. In this technology, the curvature of the configurations of the connecting planes gave the stones a rigid grip. The bevel was removed with a spatula. The stone structure made by this technology had high reliability and durability.

In case of inexperience of the builders, a “crumpled stone” was obtained and the masonry was obtained as in the picture. This was due to poor compaction of the plastic mass.




Other options had allowed to speed up the production process. They included the use of dies and collapsible masonry. The matrix consisted of many molding cells of different configurations. Consider one method that made it possible to produce stone blocks for a certain area of the wall in whole sets.

The work consisted of operations followed in a certain order:

The amorphous material was evenly distributed on a flat base, then it was pressed on top of it with a matrix, the excess was squeezed up and removed. After hardening, the stone one removed from the cells, marked and attached to the assembly diagram. Blocks made using this technology were used for wall cladding of architectural structures. Nowadays, you can make imitation under a stone with similar methods. [1]

The pictures show the polygonal masonry in Kronstadt, performed by ancient builders in a similar way. The wall has a repeating pattern. But it is the feeling that these stones are in secondary use. The builders dismantled this cladding in some place, and laid it out here. Perhaps it was after the Flood.




The photographs show that all platforms along the contour of the front side of the stones are smooth, in this place there was a frame of the matrix cells, knives were attached perpendicular to it. The middle of each cell was open, so in each stone this place turned out to be swollen, apparently the process of transition from the amorphous to the crystalline state was accompanied by an increase in volume and this reaction occurred at a high speed. A sharp change in temperature could be the beginning of this reaction.

Thus, the cost of efforts and time for the extraction, delivery and manufacture of building material was minimal, since there was no processing of stone and dragging of non-lifting blocks to the construction site, “soft stone” could even be extracted with a shovel. There was no overwork. Given all these circumstances, you can understand how God “filled their houses with good things” (Job 22:18)

There is a granite staircase in Kronstadt as well. Its steps are made as one unit with the rest of the elements - there are no connecting seams. The manufacture of an internal trihedral angle from granite is also perplexing in people, because it is impossible to make an internal even angle from three planes in granite by sawing and drilling. A person cannot imagine that there was a time when the tasks that were complex according to our ideas were solved very simply. The builders had constructing the formwork and installed it in the place where the staircase should be, then from the sides filled it with “soft stone” to the edges. When the stone took the desired structure, the formwork was disassembled.




During the Flood, the earth’s crust and the water shell of the Earth began to collapse. A global catastrophe has affected the state of the stone. Due to climate change, atmospheric composition, pressure and other factors, the process of transition from an amorphous to a crystalline state was started. As a result, the entire “soft stone” in the earth’s crust received a solid structure. Following this, a change in construction technology took place. A stone polygonal masonry was replaced by a brick masonry; occasionally, a stone masonry using mortar was used.

Currently, by the breed and structure of the stone used in the polygonal masonry, it is possible to determine the deposit and quarry from which it was mined at one time.

From the First World, we inherited not only cultural heritage, but also waste and slag from various industries, as well as mines, quarries and caves. The photo shows a quarry in Antarctica, even traces of technology are visible. It means that somewhere near it was a city, and for its construction in the quarry “soft stone” was mined. Careers like this are found all over the world. [2]





Star Fortresses



There were few people on Earth, and if a person was beginning to engage in a certain craft, then he was becoming the first master, who knew his job well, and was a mentor for the rest. If a person had the ability to play “the harpe and organ” (Gen. 4:21), then he became the first musician. Everything was done for the first time. Presumably, the first star fortress was built by Cain,“and hee builded a City, and called the name of the City, after the name of his sonne, Enoch”(Gen. 4:17).

At that time, people and dinosaurs lived on earth together, so people needed protection from large predatory animals. Cities were fortresses.

Star fortresses are located around the world. There are more than a thousand of them, but initially there were much more. These are the most complicated engineering structures. Some of them have been restored and rebuilt; as a result, the symmetry of their stars can be broken, while others, on the contrary, are completely hidden and built up. Still others are adapted for forts. The fourth are covered with earth and only silhouettes remained in the form of an earthen rampart, under which the walls are hidden. Fifths found themselves in the fault zones of the earth’s crust or in the place of the formation of mountains and rivers, and therefore were completely or partially destroyed by the elements. The sixth are flooded with water, since after the Flood the place of their construction turned out to be a coastal shelf. Seventh, with a high degree of probability, are under a thick layer of ice and snow in Antarctica.

And they all have a lot in common. These fortresses are characterized by strict symmetry, arrow-shaped forms along the edges, the inclination of the walls towards the center. You can fully appreciate the beauty of the geometry of these buildings only from a bird’s eye view. It seems that their projects were developed by one architect who used his standard templates. Everywhere polygonal masonry was used. [3]

The descendants of Cain were religious; they did their best to make the world a better place to live. The Cainite generation was the first to establish cities, master crafts, and discover new forms of art. It can be assumed with high probability that the first engineer of that time was from the descendants of Cain, the second, third and subsequent, too. They, like their ancestor Cain, were ready to bear the fruits of their labors to God.

People like Abel are always strangers in this world. Considering themselves to be strangers and aliens on earth, and striving for the best, heavenly, they live by the principle: “And hauing food and raiment let vs be therewith content” (1Tim.6:8).

A very beautiful star fortress is located in Portugal. This is Thanksgiving Fort or Grace Fort. [4]




The fortress, consisting of several levels, is built on an artificially created hill, which is shaped like a star. According to the official history, it was erected in the period 1763-1792. Apparently during this time, the living quarters of the fortress were restored, and a garrison was located in it. Since then, she began to perform a defensive function. It is impossible for this period of time or more to create such beauty even in our time. Star fortresses, like all ancient art, are unique.



Ulfbert Sword



The swords with the ULFBERHT inscription were made by a Stone Age master named Ulfbert. Surely his mentor was Tubal-Cain.

Tubal-Cain was “an instructer of euery artificer in brasse and iron” (Gen.4:22)

The owners of these swords and the master himself most likely died in the waters of the Flood. The period of time during which these swords were made was incorrectly determined, and most likely this was done intentionally. Fables are all the stories that the Vikings were armed with these swords in the Middle Ages (VIII - X century), that they were found in the graves of the Vikings, that these swords perfectly went for "export" and they were sold in Europe and beyond, that gold was offered for them, comparable to the weight of the sword itself. And people read and believe all these fictitious details and they have no questions. Despite the fact that this information contradicts historical facts and logic.

And in general, there were no Vikings in history. All “historical facts” about them are taken from the “Vikings” series. The term “Viking” characterized a social phenomenon when landless free people sought a better share outside their homeland.

The Roman Catholic Church had enormous power over people in the Middle Ages. Scientific disciplines in Europe began to take shape in the 16th century; this was the beginning of a revolution in science. Therefore, there can be no question of any high-tech production and mass production of swords in the Middle Ages (VIII-X centuries). Nowadays, for the separation of metal from impurities and slag using crucible steel technology. Such technology was not in ancient Greece, was not in ancient Rome, and even more so was not in the Middle Ages.

In the “Stone Age”, before the Flood began, native iron was mined without any impurities in it. But there were also different deposits of iron with the content of their alloying elements and carbon. In any case, there was no need to build complex crucible furnaces with heating up to 1600 degrees Celsius. Only at this temperature can slag be separated and high-quality steel obtained. Currently, steel is smelted in electric arc furnaces and induction furnaces, and yet the metal does not have the same structure as Ulfbert’s swords.



How did the granite canyon form?



The author of the historical essay writes: “The granite canyon in Adygea appeared due to the millennium-long works of the Belaya River, which is paving its way in the granite ridge.” Not! This process occurred much faster.




The birth of the Belaya River, more precisely, its channel, occurred when, after the Flood, the waters were abated from off the earth. The future course of the river was determined by the new topography of the area; the water went along the path of least resistance. The “soft stone” deposit on the surface of the earth did not create obstacles to the movement of the water flow. The “soft stone” sagged under the weight of this stream. At the same time, the stone was in the process of transition from an amorphous to a crystalline state. So the granite canyon appeared. And for this work, thousands of years of work of the Belaya River were not required.

The granite structure in the canyon somewhat resembles a “crumpled stone” in the masonry. Oval flows on the stone is a sign of its free expansion during crystallization. The sharp edges of the stone in the canyon could form later, from its destruction.



What determined the choice of a specific place for the foundation of the city?



During the Flood many mountains, rivers and seas formed. This explains the lack of star fortresses in the mountains, they were completely destroyed. For example, the Belaya River brought down and washed away part of the star fortress that stood in its path. A military garrison was subsequently placed on the surviving part of the fortress, and this place became the historical center of Maykop. The city grew and went beyond the boundaries of this fortress. After the Flood, about 4400 years have passed, and the builders of the city finally dug up all the bumps on the earth. The memory of the fortress remained in the peculiar configuration of the streets and intersections of the historic city center.

Thus, past civilization influenced the choice of location for the foundation of the city. It is understandable. To restore a ruined fortress, built with a large margin of safety and with the ability to use it as a fortification, is always more profitable than building from scratch. From this we can conclude that after the Flood the cities were rebuilt in their former places, built even on the ruins. Ready foundation and building material are not superfluous. Even such a young city as Maykop fell under this pattern. It was founded on May 25, 1857 as a military fortification. [5]

Each city has a more ancient history of its birth than the one we know.





The reason for the emergence of the city of St. Petersburg



Official history says that the founder of the city of St. Petersburg is Peter I - the first Russian emperor. The history of the city begins in 1703 with the construction of the Peter and Paul Fortress. The city was founded in a wild, deserted, swampy wasteland, where people did not live permanently, except for individual nationalities.

1.   And indeed the natural conditions of this area are extremely unfavorable for the foundation of the city. The terrain is swampy and constantly flooded. November 7, 1824 was the most significant and devastating flood in the history of St. Petersburg. Already in the 21st century, about 20 floods were recorded in St. Petersburg. The cause of the recent floods is due to Atlantic cyclones. Cyclones occurring in the Baltic Sea cause fast waves in the Gulf of Finland that collide with the Neva’s flow. These oncoming flows lead to an increase in the water level in the Neva, and the river overflows.

The Swedes were aware of the danger of significant floods on the Neva exceeding 4 m, and therefore did not build up the Neva Delta. The Swedish fortress Nyenschanz stood on a relatively high place, on the right tributary of the Neva River, at the mouth of the Okhta River.

2.   “A little north of the city is the junction of the Russian plate and the Scandinavian crystalline shield, which makes the territory seismic. There are geological faults under the city itself.” “A significant part of the city is formed by sediments of the Neva Delta, there are underground streams.” [6] But in Peter’s times, analysis of the bearing capacity of the foundations was impossible.

3.   The local climate is disgusting and unpredictable; there are the sunny days very few. According to statistics, there are 67 sunny days per year.

4.   Due to the shallow waters of the Gulf of Finland, the city could not be a seaport.

5.   The city was isolated from Russia, because there was not a single normal direct waterway to it.

6.   The military-strategic position of the city is also disadvantageous, the border with Sweden was at the distance of the daytime crossing of the enemy army. Locking up the fleet in the Gulf of Finland was not a problem for the enemy, and in winter the water area freezes. The city is squeezed among the sea, lakes and swamps, and this gives the potential enemy the opportunity to block the city not only from the sea, but also from land.

7.   And finally, this city is not able to feed itself either in agriculture or in fisheries.

Imagine what would happen if Peter I, knowing only these unfavorable factors, declared that this not-yet-built city, located practically outside the borders of the state, would be proclaimed the capital of Russia in nine years? They would put a straitjacket on him and make him a patient of ward No. 6. Then why not build beyond the Arctic Circle or in the Sahara Desert? What’s the difference? Fools were in the leadership of our country, but not to the same extent?

So, we can conclude that the choice of territory for building a city in such an extremely unsuccessful place is, to put it mildly, an unreasonable decision, it contradicts common sense and borders on insanity. But there is one very weighty argument in support of this decision, and it significantly outweighed all the unfavorable factors, justifying such a choice.




Looking at the old map, you can immediately answer the question: “Why did the city arise in this very unfortunate place?”

The ancient city and the Peter and Paul Fortress are star-shaped fortresses that were built back in "the Stone Age". The ancient city, judging by its size, was a real "metropolis", the capital of the antediluvian world. It was with a modern layout, with avenues that no one had built before, sewers, canals with granite cladding, massive stone structures, and columns. Before the Flood, it was a unique city; there has never been anything like this in history and will never be. But one day, when people “did eate, they dranke, they married wiues, they were giuen in mariage”, “the flood came, and destroyed them all” (Luke 17:27). What happened to the city?

The Gulf of Finland and the Neva River were formed during the period of time when, after the Great Flood, the waters were abated from off the face of the ground (Gen. 8). The Neva River divided the ancient city into three parts, many of the buildings and monuments of the city were flooded in the river. The Peter and Paul Fortress also suffered, although it was built of large granite blocks of different sizes. The photograph shows the inclination of the wall, characteristic of star fortresses. The wall is laid out using one of the technologies of polygonal masonry, and it is perhaps the most accurate of all.




The stream of water partially destroyed this fortress and divided it into two parts, northern and southern. Currently, in its northern part there is a military-historical museum of artillery, engineering troops and communications troops. The southern part is located on Hare Island. After the Flood, the first settlers completely restored this fortress.




With brickwork, they re-laid the walls and bastions of the fortress, but could not observe the symmetry of the corners of the fortress. Like this! In the “Stone Age”, people were able to do this work, but after that no longer! Its native granite walls with a bastion survived only from the south side.




The map of 1753 shows the Peter and Paul Fortress. It can be seen that the large stone buildings in the city stand right at the water’s edge. So the largest “megalopolis” of the antediluvian world ended up in the river delta. [8]

 After the Flood, the first settlers came to the ruined city. All were descendants of Japheth, more precisely, one of the sons of Japheth. All the descendants of Japheth settled in Europe.

“The sonnes of Iaphet: Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Iauan, & Tubal, and Meshech, & Tiras” (Gen.10:2)

The first settlers rebuilt the ruined city, adapting it to new conditions. They dressed the embankments of the city in granite. There were plenty of granite blocks from destroyed buildings. Brick buildings of the city were built by them, before the arrival of Peter I.

If only the first floor remained from the granite building that survived the flood, then they did the superstructure of the additional floors using brickwork. It was the rebirth of the city.




The photograph shows the building of the University of Aerospace Instrumentation.

Over time, a devastating flood has occurred. This happened before the birth of Christ, most likely during the period of the Babylonian kingdom. The city was completely flooded. The surviving residents of the city were forced to leave it. The city remained under water for more than two thousand years, and when the water began to leave, an empty city was exposed. The axonometric plan of St. Petersburg (1765-1773) helps to visualize this picture. [7] Many buildings of the city still stand on the ruins of very ancient buildings.

Such disasters were not uncommon at the time. For example, in 1924-1932 in Rome during the construction of the avenue, Velia Hill and the Alexandria Quarter were torn down. And suddenly it was revealed that was hidden underground for centuries.




Apparently the city was flooded in high water, the houses were completely covered with silt and sand. People had no choice but to leave housing. The photographs show that when the city was rebuilt, new houses were built on old ruins, using them as a foundation. Although they do not look like ruins, the walls are whole. Brick at the time was of the highest quality. The lowest houses in this architecture were built by the first settlers after the Flood.

The reader may ask: “Why did people build all these structures in this place, which is prone to flooding in the flood?” The fact is that they did not choose this place. People restored the ancient antediluvian city, which turned out to be on seven hills near the Tiber river and later called Rome. Floods on the Tiber happen in our time. When the river overflows, water enters the lowland between the hills, in a similar place and there are these buildings. After the end of the flood and the departure of water, a large amount of silt and sand brought by the river appears at the place of flooding.

Another photograph of the excavations in Rome in 1924-1932.




It seems that this bronze statue corresponds to the real growth of a man who lived before the Flood and apparently died in its waters. But how many times it was dug up it is difficult to say. I hope that since then she has not sunk. Now, in the documents accompanying it, a standard entry will be made that the statue is dug from the Roman cultural layer. Like this statue, tens of thousands of other statues, sculptures, busts and monuments around the world were “excavated”. And now all these exhibits are in the largest museums in the world, as the art of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

And here is a photo of a construction site in Paris, 1974. Typical “ancient Roman” buildings were found in the foundation pit, but this is Paris!




So, the city of St. Petersburg was restored at least twice: after the Flood and after the flood. But it “successfully” avoided the Middle Ages, being under water. Both the Russians and the Swedes claimed for the exposed empty city. The Swedes settled on the approaches to it in order to prevent the capture and plunder of the treasures of the old city. Peter I, seeing this city of stone, could not resist the temptation to capture it.

One can imagine the wretchedness of wooden Moscow at that time, when comparing it with this ancient city of stone. Even in a dilapidated state, it made an impression. And Peter I, driving the Swedes away, rebuilt the city and, after rewriting the history, appropriated all the laurels to himself, as the founder of the city.

Official history says that the Peter and Paul Fortress, founded May 16 (27), 1703, was wood-earth. And later it was laid out of stone by ordinary Russian people. But who will believe it?

The engraving of the Peter’s artist depicts the entry of Swedish galleys into the Neva on September 9, 1714 after the Battle of Gangut. The engraving shows the stone embankment of Vasilyevsky Island. In the distance you can see a huge number of multi-storey buildings, while the street layout is perfect.




Here are more drawings, everything are genuine and are stored in the museum [9].

Not a single city in Europe had such street markings. Indeed, in those days, cities were built randomly, without architects and surveyors. Just look at the maps of European cities. And who will believe that all this was built in 11 years? To build such a city these days is inconceivable financial and time costs. The following photo shows the modern view of Vasilievsky Island.




And you can’t hide the foreign culture of this city, it is visible everywhere. The “Roman” style is visible in bas-reliefs and atlantes located on the facades and roofs of buildings, in the monuments and architecture of the buildings themselves. The entire monumental and decorative sculpture from the destroyed buildings was assembled and exhibited in the Hermitage and the Summer Garden. But if you lie, so lie to the end, historians decided, and all the sculptures, monuments, columns and architectural masterpieces of the city were attributed to the skill of our artisans, ordinary Russian people in bast shoes.

And if there really would have been one swampy wasteland on this place, as official history says, then we would not know city St. Petersburg now. All official information about the history of the founding of St. Petersburg by Peter I from the beginning to the end is false.

If in the XVII century in Europe the turbulent period of cultural development was already completed, then in Russia it has not yet begun. In Russia, only at the beginning of the XVIII century with the advent of cultural heritage, in the form of a city of stone, the Renaissance began. And it ended in the 19th century. Peter I began to “cut through the window to Europe” lately, but it’s better late than never. To achieve this goal, the Lord God Himself gave Russia this city. He kept this metropolis under water for a long time, and when the time came, He brought it back from oblivion, giving it a new life.

The merit of Peter I is that with the beginning of all his transformations, the Renaissance era began in Russia. The entire program of the Tsar Reformer was educational. Thanks to the Renaissance, a simple person in Russia got the opportunity to read the complete Bible in Russian, which was first published in 1876.



Historic city center



The ancient map shows that there was another star fortress within the city, and now in its place there is a complex of buildings of the first St. Petersburg shipyard, called the Admiralty.

Please note that the most important city-forming objects were built around this fortress: St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Alexandria Column, Palace Square, the Winter Palace, the Senate and Synod building, and the Bronze Horseman monument. And all these objects were built before the Flood! In Peter’s times and later they were only restored and reconstructed. We can conclude: if the fortress was in the center of such objects, it means that it is the historical center of the antediluvian “megalopolis”, and was built before everyone else.

But who could establish the first fortress? And to whom could the world worship, whom to admire, and whom to magnify by erecting a monument? Quite right, the first monument was erected by grateful people to their forefather Cain, the founder of the city (Gen. 4:17), despite the fact that Cain was a murderer and a liar! And this is not surprising, because in this world it is customary to erect monuments to military leaders or politicians.

“¶ And Cain went out from the presence of the LORD, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the East of Eden” (Gen.4:16)

Scripture prophetically says that Cain went to the northern land. Nod is a (Nord) -- word for north in a number of European languages. Where the Admiralty is now located, Cain founded the first city in the history of mankind.

“hee builded a City, and called the name of the City, after the name of his sonne, Enoch” (Gen.4:17)

Later, he acquired the appearance of a quadrangular star-shaped fortress. The city grew until it turned into a “megalopolis” of the antediluvian world. Grateful people perpetuated the memory of the man who founded their city. The founding place of the first fortress turned into the historical center of the city, and, perhaps, the entire antediluvian world.




The street layout pointed out to people the particular importance of this place. From the spire of the fortress, like outgoing rays, two avenues of Voznesensky and Nevsky originate, forming a kind of arrow.




The exact direction of this arrow is set by Gorokhovaya Street, located in the middle of them. Before the split of the Earth, it, like a compass needle, indicated the direction of the zero meridian. The four entrances of St. Isaac’s Cathedral were located strictly on four cardinal points.

When the continents parted, the angle between the true meridian and the antediluvian, for the city of St. Petersburg, was 36–37 degrees. A fragment of the video showing the expansion of the Earth can be taken here: Fragment.mp4

The change in direction of the “zero meridian” is well seen in this video.




Thus, the spire of the first fortress built on Earth, determined the position of the Null Meridian. Currently, this former Null Meridian passes through Greenland.

What happened to the fortress?

After the Flood, the waters of the Neva River, washed off half of the fortress, its northern part. All the objects that surrounded the fortress on the north side were also completely destroyed by the river. Thus, she acquired a U-shape. The first settlers carried out work on the reconstruction and restoration of this fortress. They built two bastions to it’s from the river side as they could.




Central Museum of the Navy. Photo of the layout of the Admiralty in St. Petersburg in the 18th century. This fortress looked something like this before its reconstruction.

Catherine II, on the contrary, simplified it as she could. A moat with water in front of the fortress was covered with land and planted with trees, so the Alexander Garden appeared. This moat was similar to a channel enveloping the Kronverk of the Peter and Paul Fortress. All the bastions of the fortress were destroyed. Official history says that in Peter’s times there were wooden shipyards in this place, laid down according to the design of Peter I in 1704. The U-shaped building, built later in stone, completely repeats the contours of wooden shipyards. And thank you for reporting: the walls are made of stone. It is possible that part of the walls of the fortress was made of brick, another part of stone using polygonal masonry.

Even after reconstruction, in a modern appearance, the corners of the fortress resemble ruined bastions.




It is unfortunate that we cannot inspect this fortress. Since 2012, High Command of the Russian Navy are in the Admiralty.






The monument known to us as the “Bronze Horseman” was erected to Cain: Cain, sitting on a rearing horse, hit a dragon, a mythical animal, with a spear. The entire planet had the same subtropical climate, so Cain is shown without pants, in the “Roman toga”, and in the “Roman” sandals on his bare foot. And he has a “Roman” short sword.




In 1782, by order of Catherine II, the monument was redone and dedicated to Peter I. It is possible that several names had already changed on this monument before Peter I. The head of Cain in a “Roman” helmet, was replaced by the head of Peter I. The hand was changed, the spear and dragon were removed. Only the tail remained from the dragon, because it cannot be removed, it is one of the points of support and attachment of the monument to the stone. Without this support, the monument will collapse. Therefore, the snake’s head was attached to the dragon’s tail, and it turned out to be like a snake. That’s just a large dragon scale does not look like a snake scale.

The monument, of course, is made of bronze. The author of this “error” was Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin in the poem “The Bronze Horseman”.




In the Hermitage there is a sculpture “St. George the Victorious”. Notice that the horse stepped on the tail of the dragon with its back right foot, just like the horse of the Bronze Horseman. Pay attention to the pedestal of this sculpture, it looks like the stone of the monument “The Bronze Horseman”. And the half-bent position of the arm of the Bronze Horseman would have looked more natural with a spear. It turns out that the author of the sculpture and the author of the monument depicted the same object: the horseman smites the dragon with a spear.




Official history admits that the sculptor’s student sculpted a new head for the statue of the Bronze Horseman. Apparently they made two heads with a margin. Now the second head is in the museum.




And another image of Cain is made on a marble bas-relief in the Hermitage. But now it is called the bas-relief “George the Victorious”, and we inherited this bas-relief, together with the Hermitage. On the head of this “George” there is a helmet of a “Roman” warrior without cheek pads, with a comb of feathers and a long horsehair that falls down on his back. On his chest we see a “Roman” armour.




When the sculptor created this bas-relief, there was no mention of George the Victorious. In the antediluvian world, the veneration of Cain has become a cult of personality. And in our time, this cult is still being observed, it has turned into religious worship. The world worships as a god to the image of “St. George”, but in fact the image of Cain. In the St. George Hall of the Winter Palace, we see this image at the top in the form of a bas-relief, and on the shield of a two-headed eagle, which is depicted on the back of the throne and on a red background behind it. In this hall, official ceremonies and receptions were held, ceremonial dinners were held. This happened in three time periods: before the Flood, people ate, drank; after the Flood; and during the time of the Russian Empire.

“The thing that hath beene, it is that which shall be: and that which is done, is that which shall be done; and there is no new thing vnder the sunne.

Is there any thing, whereof it may be sayd, See, this is new? it hath beene already of olde time, which was before vs” (Eccl.1:9,10)





The emblem figure “double-headed eagle” was borrowed by our civilization from the antediluvian world. The two-headed eagle was popular in Europe, and is still used somewhere on the arms and flags of states. In ancient Rome, Roman generals had images of an eagle on their rods. In the film “The Eagle of the Ninth Legion,” we are shown this symbol of leadership over the troops, and its significance.

The buildings of the Senate and the Synod, located on the western side of Senate Square, are united by an arched opening on which the sculpture group “Piety and Justice” is located. The shield of this sculptural group shows the coat of arms of the antediluvian world. I hope that the changes in it, if they were made, are the most insignificant.

Of all the states that used or still use the double-headed eagle emblem, only the Russian Federation has the maximum similarity of the state coat of arms with the “original”. As we see on the chest of the double-headed eagle, a shield depicting a horseman with a spear hitting a dragon. This attribute of the coat of arms is present only on the coat of arms of the Russian Federation.




Another monument, located on Suvorov Square, shows some famous man of the antediluvian world in armor. It is already impossible to determine his name, all previous inscriptions are erased, except for П 1 on his chest. On his shield also shows the coat of arms of the antediluvian world. And we see the same attribute of the coat of arms: on the chest of a two-headed eagle there is shield with a picture of a horseman with a spear, striking a dragon.

Wikipedia says: “The monument was developed by order of Emperor Paul I.” On the pedestal is the figure of a field marshal in the allegorical guise of the god Mars, with a raised sword in his right hand and with a shield in his left, in antique clothing. No one distorts history like the historians themselves.




Other cities also have monuments to famous people that were erected before the Flood. For example, a monument to Minin and Pozharsky in Moscow. Please note that they are both in Roman toga, and one of them is without pants.

In a prophetic sense, in the person of Cain, the Scripture shows us the son of perdition, who will first be accepted in Israel as a man from the LORD (Gen.4:1). In the book of Revelation, the son of perdition is shown in the image of a beast emerging from the sea (Rev.13:1). Cain in Scripture is the first prototype of the son of perdition. Therefore, the monument to Cain is a prototype of the “monument” to the beast.

And the monument that Saul erected for himself was also a prototype of the “monument” to the beast: “Saul came to Carmel, and behold, he set him vp a place, and is gone about, and passed on, and gone downe to Gilgal” (1Sam.15:12). And the monument that Absalom erected during his lifetime, calling him by his own name: “Absaloms place” (2Sam.18:18), is also a prototype of the “monument” to the beast. Saul and Absalom are the prototypes of the son of perdition.

In the book of Daniel, this “monument” is called: “a great image” (Dan.2:31), “an image of gold” (Dan.3:1), in the book of Revelation it is “an Image to the beast” (Rev.13:14).

Scripture says: “And the LORD set a marke vpon Cain, lest any finding him, should kill him” (Gen.4:15)

The Lord made to Cain such an image that from ancient times to this day he is known throughout the world. In verse (Gen. 4:15), Scripture prophetically tells us about the image of the beast. This revived image, as the imprint of the son of perdition, will be established “in the prouince of Babylon”. The son of perdition will call it by his name. It will speak and act in such a way “that as many as would not worship the Image of the beast, should be killed” (Rev.13:15), and none of the people will be able to kill it, because it is a “monument”.



Saint Isaac’s Cathedral



St. Isaac’s Cathedral was the main temple of the antediluvian metropolis. Its close proximity to the first fortress suggests that worship in this place began with the settlement of Cain. He brought his first gift to the gods “in the land of Nod”, when there was still no fortress.




In the XIX century, the cathedral was restored for the second time in its history and began to fulfill the functions of a religious building. From 1858 to 1929, it housed the St. Petersburg Diocese. Since 1928, it has the status of a museum.

The image of the Sun made with the help of an ornament on the central place of the hall of St. Isaac’s Cathedral reveals to us the purpose of this structure. In St. Isaac’s Cathedral they worshiped the Sun, which means that all services were held only during the day. This cult is called solar, from the Latin words sol – “sun” and solaris – “sunny”. Moreover, the sign of the Sun in the form of an ornament is present at all four entrances to St. Isaac’s Cathedral.




As it turned out, many religious buildings, allegedly built in the XV-XVIII centuries, are oriented to the cardinal directions similarly to St. Isaac’s Cathedral, their northern side has a direction to Greenland. These are the Ascension Cathedral (Novocherkassk), St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker on Bersenevka in Moscow, the Holy Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir, all the cathedrals of Rostov the Great, all the cathedrals and churches of Kargopol, which is in the Arkhangelsk region, all the cathedrals and churches of Veliky Ustyug and many others. [10]

This means that all these religious buildings, cathedrals and temples were originally built before the Flood, and are oriented strictly on four cardinal points. All of them had four equal entrances, and their altar was in the center of the hall. A swastika pattern as a solar symbol is still found in such temples. The total number of such religious buildings is many times greater than the number of modern temples built in a new place. Even if these structures are made of brick, then at least their foundation, which went into the ground for a couple of floors, necessarily has polygonal masonry, laid out before the Flood. After the Flood, these structures were first restored by the first settlers, reconstructed, and used for worship services. In all matters of this ministry they were guided by their ideas. Currently, many of them are in the back country, in an abandoned state. Even official sources cannot determine the time when they were built.

The Russian Orthodox Church gave a third life to old buildings, remodeling these places of worship under “Christian” traditions. In the Orthodox tradition, it is supposed to build a temple with an altar towards the east, so the buildings needed to be rebuilt. The extension to the building, usually in the form of a semicircular ledge, served as an altar. A vestibule was built on the west side of the building. The north and south sides were closed. Entrance was from the west. Thus, the building acquired an elongated shape, like the Old Testament tabernacle. The same principle of “new” construction acted here, it is easier to restore a strong and beautiful building, albeit an old one, than to build the same from scratch. The services now held in them fully justify their construction in the distant past. The traditions of the elders changed only the rules and traditions, but the essence of the service remained the same, this is idol worship.

The direction of the transverse axis of the building characterizes modern temples built in a new place, it should have a north-south direction, and the longitudinal axis of the building is east-west. This rule of the construction of religious buildings is still preserved.

But where did the Gentiles get these rules for building temples? Where can they have knowledge of how to properly, and how not to make a worship service? When and where did the Gentiles get these laws? Moses climbed Mount Sinai to receive the statutes, decrees, and laws of the Lord God FOR THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL, but not for the Gentiles. Divine service and the worldly sanctuary was given only exclusively to Israel (Heb. 9: 1). And in general, this event is a prototype of the future tense. In the future tense, the people of Israel, having received the statutes, decrees and laws of the Lord God, will begin to proclaim His name to the nations and kings. At this time, the Gentiles who turned to the Lord God will also receive adoption, glory, covenants, giving the Low, service of God, and promises (Rom. 9:4). Scripture prophetically says from the name Jesus Christ: “for saluation is of the Iewes” (John 4:22). But this time has not come yet.

Only people who replace the truth with a lie can steal and pervert the statutes and laws given by God to Israel. Therefore, all church ministers who do not want to understand that the entire Divine ministry and the worldly sanctuary were given only exclusively to Israel pervert the Word of God. Scripture warns them with the words of Jesus:

“For I testifie vnto euery man that heareth the wordes of the prophesie of this booke, If any man shal adde vnto these things, God shall adde vnto him the plagues, that are written in this booke.

And if any man shall take away from the wordes of the booke of this prophesie, God shal take away his part out of the booke of life, and out of the holy citie, and from the things which are written in this booke.” (Rev.22:18-19)

Moses made the tabernacle in the image that was shown to him on Mount Sinai. The worldly sanctuary was divided into two parts by the curtain. The first part is the “Sanctuarie”, the second part is “þe Holiest of all”. This explains why the ancient religious buildings began to rebuild, making a separation between the altar and the hall.

The Orthodox Church observes the most ancient cult of the Sun and the Moon, but according to its far-fetched rules, which are given the name “Christian” traditions. Christianity is just a cover for an ancient cult. As we see, the cult continuity of the two civilizations has been fully preserved. The continuity of the two civilizations is also preserved in a quantitative ratio between people going to perdition and people going to eternal life. In those ancient times, only a few found strait gate to go the narrow way, and in our time it will be.

In chapter eight of the book of Ezekiel, Scripture speaks of the future ministry of the people of Israel in Orthodox churches. In this case, it is of interest how the Scripture in the words of the Lord shows us this ministry and expresses His attitude to it. Orthodox churches are called chambers, and wall paintings in churches are images.

Every Orthodox man is “in the chambers of his imagery” (Ezek. 8:12) bows his face “towards the East” (Ezek. 8:16).



Kazan Cathedral



Kazan Cathedral was built in the antediluvian metropolis on “Nevsky Prospekt” to worship the Moon and the stars. Since the moon shone at night, the services in this gloomy cathedral took place only at night. A gilded ball with a spire was installed on the dome of the cathedral, indicating the deity for whose worship the temple was built. And so that people worshiping the rising moon and the stars do not go outside the temple (apparently there were cult rules) a semicircular colonnade was made, it is an integral part of this temple.




Nowadays, the Kazan Easter Cathedral usually broadcasts the Easter service, which is attended by the first persons of the city and hundreds of citizens. Holy Fire from Jerusalem is delivered to the beginning of the service by special flight. Indeed, this cathedral is the most suitable for night services.




The floor in the cathedral is made of multi-colored marble. The ornament depicts the moon on a black background, and as if specially shows us the presence of spots on its surface. Even then, the surface of the moon was covered with mountains and dotted with recesses, and its reflected light did not differ much from the modern dead pale, although the intensity of solar radiation and its spectrum were different.

Due to the deep twilight prevailing in the Kazan Cathedral, to make a high-quality photo in order to correctly convey the color of the ornament is very difficult.




In the center of the hall, exactly under the dome was an altar. Seven circles and lines, which end with a complex ornament, diverge from the center of the hall. And this whole pattern creates a strong surround lattice effect. This ornament symbolizes the moon deity.




Currently, Kazan Cathedral has three entrances and each of them is decorated with a portico with bas-reliefs of the all-seeing eye. It must be assumed that initially there were four entrances.

In the semicircular ledge of the eastern facade of the building there is extension to it; it was made at the beginning of the 19th century for the altar when the cathedral was rebuilt. To this end, the eastern portico was broken, it was an architectural element of the fourth entrance to the cathedral. Now it’s clear why, after 200 years, the eastern facade of the cathedral required restoration. The quality of the brickwork of the 19th century turned out to be significantly worse than the masonry of the older one, the extension began to fall off and there was an urgent need for repair. [11]

The symbol “radiant delta” and the three letters on it, inscribed in an isosceles triangle, is deified the Moon.




The symbol “radiant delta” and the three letters on it, inscribed in an isosceles triangle, is deified the Moon.

On the map of St. Petersburg, it is seen that the building of the Kazan Cathedral is stretched from the northwest to the southeast. A horseshoe-shaped colonnade adjoins its northern side. The building differs from St. Isaac’s Cathedral in its location relative to the cardinal points. Kazan Cathedral is rotated 40 degrees counterclockwise compared with the location of St. Isaac’s Cathedral. This can be seen from the location of Nevsky Prospekt and Gorokhovaya Street, they form an angle of 40 degrees. If after the Flood St. Isaac’s Cathedral was set 36–37 degrees counterclockwise, then Kazan Cathedral received a 76–77 degree turn.

Thus, all the temples built before the Flood were divided into two types. The first ones are in order to worship the Sun; the second ones are in order to worship the Moon. They differed in the shape of the building and their location relative to the cardinal points. The first ones with their facades “looked” strictly on four cardinal points. The second ones were rotated 40 degrees counterclockwise.

But all modern temples, built really from scratch, are oriented exactly from west to east by their location.

Parishioners of such temples, seeing all these mysterious symbols and signs, think that all paganism has remained in the past, and only they know the truth, they are Christians. But as it turns out, they are exactly the same pagans as people who lived before the Flood and rejected the Lord God. All “Christian” holidays and traditions are based on worship of the Sun and other gods.

When the Lord God gave Israel statutes and laws before inheriting the land. He warned them that worshiping the Sun, or the Moon, or all the host of heaven, is an abomination. Man or woman should be stoned with stones for the service of other gods: “Then shalt thou bring forth that man, or that woman (which haue committed that wicked thing) vnto thy gates, euen that man, or that woman, and shalt stone them with stones till they die.” (Deut.17:3-5).



Radiant Delta



We continue to study the historical center of the first city, because this is the central place of the whole antediluvian world! Two significant religious sites we examined are St. Isaac’s Cathedral and Kazan Cathedral, they stand out with the tops of their spires. But there is another object that stands out with its peak so much that in this formed triangle there are no buildings above them. The Alexandrian column of solid granite has a height of 25.6 meters. The total height of the monument is 47.5 meters, and its weight is about 600 tons. The column stands on a granite base only under the influence of its own gravity, and it does not have any special supports. It is the tallest and heaviest monolith mounted vertically.

The drawings showing all the stages of the creation of the column and its movement are a lie, like all the stories telling about the construction of fortresses, cathedrals, palaces and monuments in the city. Even at present, there are no technologies that make it possible to make such a column, and even more so, they could not be in the 19th century.

The Alexandria Column, Palace Square and all the buildings adjacent to it together form a single complex. To assess the significance of this object, and its connection with two cathedrals, you need to see their relative position on a map of St. Petersburg. The distance between the peaks of the cathedral spires is one kilometer. From the top of the Alexandrian column to each of them there are 750 meters; this is three quarters of a kilometer. This is all easy to verify in the Google Earth program.

Thus, the Alexandrian column forms the top of an isosceles triangle. Apparently Kazan Cathedral in this trinity was built last. Two objects, that arose first, identified the construction site of the Kazan Cathedral. He was chosen a place in such a way that between the three objects formed a connection that can be expressed with a symbol. This symbol is a delta.




Now it is clear why the Kazan Cathedral building is stretched from the northwest to the southeast, forming an angle of 40 degrees between the longitudinal axis of the building and the direction to the north; I want to remind you that it was different in the antediluvian world. The choice of location along Nevsky Prospect determined its position relative to the cardinal points. Currently, the angle between the longitudinal axis of the building and the direction to the north is 76–77 degrees.

It also becomes clear why the symbol “radiant delta” is present on all three porticoes of the cathedral and on its eastern facade, and why this symbol is present in abundance in the interior of the cathedral. This cathedral, located at a distance from the historical center of the city, should not have lost its cult appeal. The symbol served as a reminder of the cathedral's belonging to the highest values. Therefore, builders did not save on demonstrating this symbol. It’s like in the days of the USSR. Without the symbols of the Soviet era, it was impossible to imagine our life. There was something in them uniting all.

The winged goddess Olympia stands at the top of the Alexandrian column. It used to have a torch in her right high hand. During the competition, apparently he was lit. With her left hand she leaned on a spear. Now, according to the will of the Russian emperor, she had a cross instead of a spear, and the torch was taken away. But, pay attention to the position of the hand and fingers of the right hand, they repeat the shape of that torch. There is a sculptural panel on the pedestal of the Alexandrian column and there is also a radiant delta on it. It should be noted that this panel has also undergone changes.

The Alexandria Column is located in the center of Palace Square, but earlier it was a stadium with an area of about five hectares, and this is about twice as much as the Red Square in Moscow. That’s just its shape does not meet our standards. The Olympians obviously did not play football.

The semicircular buildings connected by an arch were intended for guests who arrived at the Olympics and served as a hotel. The length of the arcuate line of the facade is 580 meters. Currently they are called the “General Staff Building”. It is possible that these buildings from the square had open colonnades so that spectators could be placed on all floors with amenities. And it all looked like an amphitheater. But later, due to the cold climate after the Flood, they were laid with brickwork. And the first settlers could already do this.

The Chariot of Glory monument, mounted above the arch, indicates victory. The winged divinity Nick is depicted on the chariot with a banner in his left hand and a laurel wreath in his right one. Therefore, only the winner of the competition could pass under the Arc of Triumph.

Opposite the “headquarters”, in the building of the Winter Palace, the Olympians were located. The heights of these buildings are the same, which indicates the simultaneous integrated construction of this cult object.

Thus, St. Petersburg is not only the former capital of the world, but also the former capital of the Olympics. And all the stories about the origin of the Olympics in Ancient Greece, are a myth.




The connection between the three objects is shown to us in the symbol “radiant delta”, and also, for the gifted, (apparently, persons like them were at that time too), duplicated in three letters, which are inscribed in an isosceles triangle. These are the first letters of the names of two cathedrals and Olympus. The eye of the radiant delta was painted on later. This symbol and its meaning was known to the whole antediluvian world. And all world worshiped to it. And only in our time he became mysterious and mysterious, although all the kingdoms of the world are still devoted to it. Before this symbol, kings, general secretaries, presidents have been changing for 6000 years, and all of them swear allegiance to its gods: The Sun, the Moon and the gods of Olympus. The modern Olympic Games are a religious cult.




The capital letter “delta” was used as a symbol of the three cult objects that were of the highest value in the antediluvian world. The service to the pagan gods was in them, and it is still being performed. And the “delta” was made radiant to emphasize their highest priority in the world. It is curious that the goddess Olympia was at the top of the radiant delta. Did the expression “at the top of Olympus” come from here?



Who are the true builders of the city?



The true builders of the city can even be seen in person. There are 28 statues in the niches of the New Hermitage building. Original statues that have stood for at least 4,500 years have only recently been replaced with bronze copies. Original statues made of zinc-based alloy are exhibited in open storage “the Old Village” Restoration Center. It is possible that the true builders of the city are not shown to us in full size, but the proportions between a person of normal growth and a giant are absolutely exact. If, for example, the first was 1.7 meters tall, the second is three times taller - about five meters tall. “There were Giants in the earth in those daies” (Gen. 6: 4).

But the Atlantes of the New Hermitage show us the real growth of those giants, their height is just five meters. But with this growth, the weight of those giants was at least four hundred kilograms. Have they really had any problems with their legs? Nowadays, a person with a height of 2.5 meters has big problems, but with a growth of five meters, his legs simply cannot withstand the load.

The fact is that the “water” dome created high atmospheric pressure. It is known that in a denser medium, the Archimedean force, the pushing force, is greater than in a less dense one. Therefore, in that denser atmosphere there was a more tangible buoyant effect. For example, whales have a huge size precisely because they live in a denser environment (water) than terrestrial animals (air).

The giants are the very “highly developed aliens from another civilization, extraterrestrial”, about which so many people who study artifacts of antiquity speak so much. And this did not happen millions of years ago, but less than 6,000 years ago.




They really came from heaven, from the third heaven, if we consider the atmosphere of the Earth as the first heaven, the cosmos as the second heaven, and the third heaven is outside the waters of the great deep that surround our Universe (Job 38:30). The arrangement of the ark, which had “lower, second, and third stories” (Gen. 6:16), shows us the structure of the whole Universe.

Statues in the niches of the New Hermitage building depict the sons of God. Leaving their own habitation, they cohabited with women and reproduced offspring. Women “bare children to them; the same became mightie men” (Gen. 6:4). We are even shown an ancient family: the son of God, his child and wife.

“That the sonnes of God saw the daughters of men, that they were faire, and they took them wiues, of all which they chose” (Gen.6:2)

Pay attention to the similarity of circumstances of this event and the event that occurred on the eve between the cunning “serpent” and Eve. They “saw”, “and they took them” in violation of the interdict.




At present, these sons of God are awaiting judgment for punishment: “And the Angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation,“ the LORD “hath reserued in euerlasting chaines vnder darkenesse, vnto the iudgement of the great day” (Jude 1:6).

“God spared not the Angels that sinned, but cast them downe to hell, and deliuered them into chaines of darkenesse, to be reserued vnto iudgment” (2Pet.2:4)

Their descendants, who did not die by their own death, died in the Flood waters. But their nature is still inherited by man, as is the nature of the devil.




The Smithsonian Institution recognized that it destroyed thousands of giant human skeletons in the early 1900s. ”This was done to defend the prevailing chronology of human evolution.” [12]



“for the imagination of mans heart is euil from his youth”



The antediluvian world developed in “greenhouse”, extremely favorable conditions: in the absence of wars, famine, epidemics, natural disasters. Society was like a careless, arrogant young man who lived on everything ready, in abundance, and did not listen to his parents, or rather, renounced them.


“for the imagination of mans heart is euil from his youth” (Gen.8:21)




One of the collections of the oldest exhibits of the “Stone Age” is housed in a museum in Florence. The bust of the young man depicted in the photograph is in the Uffizi Gallery. All its elements are made of stone, including a large round collar. His head rests on it, as if on a plate. For some reason, I recalled the costume of the Swedish ambassador in the film “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes the Profession.”

The medieval period was characterized by a general decline in culture. It was an era of fear, ignorance and stagnation. The bronze statues of the ancient masters were smelted. And no one thought about the cultural heritage of mankind. No wonder that period of time was called the Dark Ages. The period of cultural development in the countries of Western and Eastern Europe fell on the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries. This “cultural revolution” is most clearly expressed in creative activity. Its basis was the revival of the culture of “Ancient Greece” and “Ancient Rome.” This explains why a large round collar became a fashionable element of a suit or dress at that time. It turns out that European nobles borrowed this collar from the first Stone Age designers. Ancient inventions were in demand after millennia. The stiffness of the collar forced its owner to hold his posture, and for his impracticality, it became a symbol of wealth and status. In those days it was called “millstone” or “cartwheel”. People of different professions, receiving inspiration from the culture of the ancients, tried their best to imitate it and thanks to this they developed. Without such borrowings of the culture of the past civilization, a transition to the culture of the New Age would not have occurred.

Nowadays, this collar is “slightly” simplified and made part of the costume, but we still starch it, giving it the right shape. And the large round collars are now trim on a women’s dress. Thus, in clothing, we also imitate the culture of the ancients.

When you begin to realize from what era such sculptures came to us, then there is a special interest in studying them. Examining every detail in them, and trying to understand thereof, as if plunging into that era. Many more interesting conclusions can be drawn by studying this bust of a young man. On his chest there is an armor, decorated with reliefs.

Historians date back all sculptures, created before the Flood, to different ages, the period of Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome. Their task is to hide the truth and lead a person away from the truth. Existing dates are not based on anything. It is possible that the sculptures once had names and dates. But among the sculptures there are those that reveal the technical level of development of that society, and it, of course, does not correspond to the level of development of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. In this case, the sculpture is dated to the XIX century and attributed to authorship of an unknown or little-known master.

A sculpture of a little girl is exhibited in the Crimean winter garden of the Vorontsov Palace. On her marble clothes you can see the finest lace and machine seams. The sculptor managed to convey even the texture of slightly jammed fabric. Upon closer inspection, pores are visible on the body. [13]

Apparently, the connect seam, the double seam, as well as detailed detailing, did not allow historians to date this sculpture as created during the existence of Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome. People will not believe then.

Due to falsification of history, the word “antediluvian” began to cause a person to misconception about the subject. The word “antediluvian” now means backward and old-fashioned. But how can talented masters of the “Stone Age” be called backward, if they are, on the contrary, unsurpassed in their work.

The Stone Age sculptors were exceptionally talented craftsmen. The peculiarity of ancient art is that it is unique. All their masterpieces are handmade. And if, for example, now there was a “soft stone”, then repeating the polygonal masonry of medium quality would not have been difficult, but no one will be able to create a masterpiece. Many ancient sculptures represent the limit of what is possible in human creativity. This is the standard for all ages.



Sculptural group “Satyr and Bacchante”



If the people of the “Stone Age” deified Cain, erected a monument to him, and then used this image as a symbol on the coat of arms, then could they not try to immortalize their forefather Adam and foremother Eve in sculpture? Of course, they tried. Indeed, many of them saw Adam during his lifetime and talked with him, and therefore they well knew the reason why God expelled a person from the garden of Eden. They knew all the details of that day. And this event was fundamental in their quest to show us Adam and Eve.

Masters of masterpieces convey to us the events, described in the third chapter of the book of Genesis, through artistic images. Sculpture is one of the forms of fine art, but unlike painting, it more clearly and colorfully conveys pictures of past events to us. This topic is very delicate.

Scripture says that Eve was seduced by a serpent, but the serpent in Scripture is a type of the devil. He is called the great dragon and the old serpent (Rev.12:9). And in general, the Scriptures also show us the details of those events in other prototypes related to the fall of man. The events of the third chapter of the book of Genesis is only one of them. Therefore, considering them as complementary to each other, you can find out some details, and thus more fully add a picture of what happened.

We will examine two prototypes, from the sixth and ninth chapters of Genesis, explaining some of the details of that day.

A summary of the entire history of man’s salvation is shown in the sixth chapter of Genesis. And in the three verses of this chapter (Gen. 6: 2-4), we are figuratively shown the events that occurred during the fall in the Garden of Eden.

“That the sonnes of God saw the daughters of men, that they were faire, and they took them wiues, of all which they chose.

And the LORD said, My Spirit shall not alwayes striue with man; for that hee also is flesh: yet his dayes shalbe an hundred and twenty yeeres.

There were Giants in the earth in those daies: and also after that, when the sonnes of God came in vnto the daughters of men, & they bare children to them; the same became mightie men, which were of old, men of renowme.” (Gen.6:2-4)

No knowledge and no culture could arise out of nothing. The first people gained knowledge from the sons of God, fallen angels. They had the opportunity to cohabit with women and reproduce offspring. Man inherited their growth and strength, because from that time giants began to be born.

And the Lord grieved in His heart (Gen. 6:6), because His prohibition was broken. The angels left their home, and the daughters of man “tasted the forbidden fruit”, entering into sexual relations with them.

This prototype explains that the sexual relationship between Eve and the “serpent” in the Garden of Eden was associated with the acquisition of appropriate knowledge by man and the inheritance of a different nature.

Further, note that the Scripture, listing the sons of Noah, suddenly speaks of Canaan, adding the phrase: “Ham is the father of Canaan.” What does this mean?

“¶ And the sonnes of Noah that went forth of the Arke, were Shem, and Ham, and Iaphet: and Ham is the father of Canaan” (Gen.9:18)

This means that the mother of Canaan was the wife of Noah, although his father was Ham. In the three verses of the ninth chapter (Gen. 9: 20-22), we are shown yet another prototype of the events that took place in the Garden of Eden.

“And Noah began to bee an husbandman, and he planted a vineyard.

And he dranke of the wine, and was drunken, and hee was vncouered within his tent.

And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakednesse of his father, and told his two brethren without” (Gen.9:20-22)

The intoxicated Noah was not alone in the tent. Scripture says that the nakedness of a father is the nakedness of his wife.

“The nakednesse of thy fathers wife shalt thou not vncouer: it is thy fathers nakednesse” (Lev.18:8)

Therefore, Ham, when he entered the tent, saw his mother’s nakedness and, taking advantage of her condition, raped her. Ham, boasting, and wanting to show his significance in the eyes of the brothers, told them about his “feat”. Noah cursed Canaan, just as the Lord God cursed the “serpent.”

This prototype explains that the sexual relationship between Eve and the “serpent” in the Garden of Eden arose due to the intoxication of Eve.

People could not understand and comprehend the sculptural group called "Satyr and the Bacchante" and many others like it, depicting a goat-footed creature next to a naked innocent virgin. Yes, indeed, it is difficult to explain the unprecedented manifestation of precisely female activity. It is impossible to explain this with the fantasy of a worried sculptor, because not one, but many sculptors created their masterpieces on this subject. In an attempt to at least somehow explain this, a myth was born. Myth, as a way of understanding the world in the early stages of human history, was invented for people who ignore the Word of God. Therefore, a myth is a fairy tale for stupid and naive persons.

Why is the sculpture group called “Satyr and the Bacchante”? In the myth invented, the main character is the god of viticulture and winemaking - Dionysus (Bacchus). Allegedly, in his wanderings he was accompanied by a crowd of women called bacchantes, as well as satyrs - creatures similar to humans, but with bodies covered with wool, with goat legs, with horns and horse tails.




Sculptural group “Satyr and Bacchante”

Adam and Eve were not alone in the Garden of Eden, there were: The Son of God, Lucifer and many other Angels. Therefore, the LORD God commanded the man, saying: “Of euery tree of the garden thou mayest freely eate. But of the tree of the knowledge of good and euill, thou shalt not eate of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof, thou shalt surely die” (Gen. 2:16 ,17).

“Serpent” decided to kill a man; “hee was a murtherer from the beginning” (John 8:44). The sculptor, using an artistic image, shows us the true nature of the “serpent”. His nature is bestial, we see horns and hooves in him. Therefore, God forbade to eat of this “tree”.

Eve went to a creek with a jug to draw water. The “serpent”, seeing that she was beautiful, took advantage of the situation and, going up to her, spoke. He, as an ideal lover, began to entice her to enter into trust. We see that in her eyes he is smart, witty and handsome. Wining over, he touches her, as if embracing her slightly - she permits. His another hand is also not inactive. She is interested in him, we see her emotions, she flirts. It turns out that the sculpture is not so mute as it might seem. It clearly conveys the flirtations of the “serpent”, and we understand their dialogue.

The task of the devil is to sow doubt in the heart of man about the righteousness of God. And then suddenly, as if by the way, the “serpent” says to Eve: But “Yea, hath God said” (Gen.3:1), do not accept any teaching from anyone?




And so, we see on Eve's head a wreath of grapes, which symbolizes her intoxication. “Having tasted the forbidden fruit,” she fell under hypnosis, which completely paralyzed her will. The “serpent” removed the psychological barrier with the help of wine, music and fun and, taking advantage of her condition, raped her.

Scripture, calling a seducer a “serpent” thereby shows his working body, it is as flexible and slippery as the serpent itself.

In other sculptures depicting Eve and the “serpent”, we see some more details, these are musical instruments, and there is an overturned jug under the feet, symbolizing the drunk wine.

Since then, the tactics of the "Serpent" have been adopted by all the men, going on a bat. The seducer first carries away the victim with words, then offers the joint use of alcohol. He knows that a woman is liberated, because of wine and music, her modesty disappears, and she becomes more accessible. The words sex and alcohol in our world are already like synonyms.

The act of Eve is repeated by women who love beautiful courtship, in order to later complain and say in self-justification: “The Serpent beguiled me” (Gen.3:13). It means in modern language: all men are goats. So the “goat-footed satyrs”, teaching sex techniques, and the “naive bacchantes” were not extinct.

Men seek an inaccessible girl (women) in an effort to seduce her, and then tell everyone about it, and women, choosing the most interesting of all candidates, “want” to be deceived. Because the most interesting of all candidates, as a rule, turns out to be a selective bastard. And this is not normal, because it is no longer a mistake of youth, but a manifestation of the acquired nature of the devil.

Me read further, the wife “tooke of the fruit thereof, and did eate, and gaue also vnto her husband with her, and hee did eate” (Gen.3:6).




After Eve “gaue also vnto her husband”, a double conception occurred. This is called super fertilization. The fact is that within a week it is possible to fertilize two eggs within the same menstrual cycle with two sperm from different men. Scripture in plain text says that Cain was from the devil. Cain “was of that wicked one” (1John.3:12), he is the son of lawlessness.

Eve was mistaken in saying: “I haue gotten a man from the LORD” (Gen.4: 1) when she gave birth to Cain. While continuing to give birth, she gave birth to Abel: “she againe bare his brother Abel” (Gen.4:2). Thus, Cain and Abel were twins, but had different fathers.

“Unto Adam also, and to his wife, did the LORD God make coates of skinnes, and cloathed them” (Gen. 3:21). The sculptor shows us that the drunk Adam does not sleep on a bare deck, but on the skin of an animal.




This sculpture is known as the “Drunken Satyr”.

On the cast from the original, the skin of the killed animal on Adam’s hand is clearly visible. It is killed by God for the sin of Adam and Eve. The sculptor clearly shows us in action the doctrine of the substitutionary sacrifice. Adam and Eve, having committed a crime before God, were supposed to go into another world, but they still woke up after a drunken orgy, and an innocent animal lost the life for theirs sin.




The sculptor, clearly shows us, through an artistic image, how the person himself changed after that. While Adam was sleeping, his tail grew, and in his behavior he became like the “Serpent”. Thus was born another “satyr.”

Since then, man has been infected by the lust of the flesh, the lust of his eyes and pride. His closest relative was the devil. And the whole life of man has turned into an eternal competition with God - man is degrading.




Boaz spoke to Ruth, and prophetically, the Christ says this to the Church:

“And now it is true, that I am thy neare kinseman: howbeit there is a kinseman nearer then I” (Ruth.3:12)



As it was in the dayes of Noe



All people, beginning from Adam are subject to one law, this is the law of sin and death (Rom. 8:2). This means that all people from Adam have a sinful nature. And modern people, by their nature, are no different from people who lived before the Flood. All people from birth “shew the worke of the Law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witnesse, and their thoughts the meane while accusing, or else excusing one another” (Rom. 2:15). In other words, each person has been given the ability to distinguish between good and evil from birth. That’s just the vast majority of people “in this generation” (Gen. 7:1) evaded this internal struggle. Scripture says: “all flesh had corrupted his way vpon the earth” (Gen. 6:12). On the eve of the flood, Noah was the only courageous man “in this generation”.

“And the LORD saide vnto Noah, Come thou and all thy house into the Arke: for thee haue I seene righteous before me, in this generation” (Gen.7:1)

In the eyes of God, the people of that lost civilization were no better and no worse than the people living after them. People are still religious, they are trying to reach heaven through their efforts, their righteousness.

But how can it be, the reader will exclaim: “Anyway, they were better than us! They were strong, tall, intelligent and beautiful people, with noble faces, like gods. You can admire them. Having gained knowledge, they built a huge number of beautiful cities, amphitheaters, cathedrals, columns, monuments, obelisks, much of all this survived the Flood and survived to this day. Compared to them, we are like children in a sandbox. Of their artifacts, we cannot repeat anything, we only appropriate their achievements to ourselves.”

Yes, indeed, this is so, because a human has not been developing for centuries, but, on the contrary, was degrading. But the trouble is, God does not judge a person by his appearance and clothing, does not look at his growth, strength, beauty, knowledge, skills, his upbringing and deeds. He, given the circumstances in which a man is, looks at his heart and makes His judgment about him.

“Euery way of a man is right in his owne eyes: but the Lord pondereth the hearts.” (Prov.21:2)

When Samuel came to Bethlehem to choose a king over Israel between the sons of Jesse, he looked and evaluated their appearance and growth, trying to guess which of his sons the Lord had chosen for Himself. Having made his choice, Samuel suggested that son was Eliab, and was mistaken.

“But the Lord said vnto Samuel, Looke not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature, because I haue refused him: for the Lord seeth not, as man seeth; For man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart” (1Sam.16:7)

God is pleased with a man “that feareth him” this is the man striving to live in good conscience, seeking the truth and acting in truth.

“God is no respecter of persons:

But in euery nation, he that feareth him, and worketh righteousnesse, is accepted with him” (Acts.10:34-35)

Strength, growth, beauty, intelligence, talents and knowledge are given to man by God Himself, but He cannot give a right heart to him. This is the subject of man’s choice, and they made their choice: “euery imagination of the thoughts of his heart was onely euill continually” (Gen. 6:5).

Most people who lived before the flood did not seek the truth. They were looking for something that was pleasing to the eye and gave knowledge. But they did not pay attention to the prophecies of Enoch.

“And Enoch also, the seuenth from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord commeth with ten thousands of his Saints,

To execute iudgement vpon all, and to conuince all that are vngodly among them, of all their vngodly deeds which they haue vngodly committed, and of all their heard speaches, which vngodly sinners haue spoken against him” (Jud.1:14-15)

They did not listen to the sermon of Noah, who was called a preacher of righteousness (2 Pet.2:5), and yet his ministry lasted 120 years (Gen. 6: 3). They preferred to worship the Sun, the Moon and the gods of Olympus, although they knew that the world was created by God. There were no atheists among them, but they avoided the presence of the Lord.

They “said vnto God, Depart from vs, and what can the Almightie doe for them?

Yet he filled their houses with good things: but the counsell of the wicked is farre from me” (Job.22:17,18)

Despite all their qualities, they lacked wisdom (Prov. 8), and also valour (1Chron.26:30) to admit their disobedience and ask for forgiveness. Masculinity is not an expression of man essence. And yet, do not confuse valour with masculinity and bravery, this is not the same thing.

In order for a person to make the right choice in life and eat the fruits of the tree of life, he does not need a life expectancy of 900 years or 120 years. He does not need the strength and growth of people who lived before the Flood, their mind, knowledge and culture, but only wisdom and valour are needed. And in order to receive these qualities from God one must strive to live according to conscience.

“¶ Keepe thy heart with all diligence: for out of it are the issues of life” (Prov.4:23)

In God’s eyes, modern people have achieved the same disobedience to Him as the people who lived before the Flood, the “earth also was corrupt before God; and the earth was filled with violence” (Gen. 6:11). In this verse, Scripture prophetically speaks of OUR time, of OUR days.

People, having the Word of God, do not trust it - they believe in God, but they do not believe God. They prefer to believe people in long robes, or those who preach at the pulpit. Nothing has changed since then.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that any religion is idolatry, because all religions are invented by people, which means that they all teach how to justify themselves and reach heaven through their affairs. Trust in the Word of God has nothing to do with religiosity.

Most people, as it was in the days of Noah, deviated from the internal struggle, they live for their own pleasure, fill the house with good and believe that nothing portends trouble. But the time, when God allowed the nations to go their own ways, had already come to an end (Acts 14:16). The transition from the time of ignorance, which lasted six thousand years, to the Millennium will be carried out within 49 years. The trouble will begin with a stormy wind called Euroclidon, and in the past seven years of this period, many people will realize that there is no hope of surviving this disaster. Scripture figuratively shows our time, and the events of the next fifty years, describing the events in the sea on the ship on which Paul and the prisoners sailed to Rome. Paul advised, saying:

“Sirs, I perceiue that this voyage will be with hurt and much damage, not onely of the lading & ship, but also of our liues” (Acts. 27:10)

A “tempest” of incredible strength will rise the past seven years (Acts 27).

In Scripture, the phrase “the dayes of Noah” (1Pet.3:18-20), prophetically, refers to our time, this is time on the eve of the harvest. Nowadays, as it was before the Flood, the “ark is being built” - the tabernacle of heaven. Soon the Church of the firstborn will enter the “ark”, and the Lord, like the waters of the Flood, will bring disaster to all flesh. His faithful will be saved from “the waters of the Flood” in the “ark”; this is the Church of the firstborn. They will hide in the tabernacle of heaven like David, who fled from Saul to the cave. The Church of the firstborn will be hidden in the shadow of the wings of the Almighty, “vntill these calamities bee ouerpast” (Ps. 57:1).

And in the world at this time there will be such a tempest that it would be impossible for a sane person to survive in it. Signs of the beginning of a stormy wind are a series of negative events that began in the first days of 2020, which will now pour in like a cornucopia. The world began to go crazy at an unprecedented pace.

Time will pass, and at the end of the future the Millennium, OUR DAYS, like “the dayes of Noah”, will serve as a good example for the edification of people before “Heauen and earth shall passe away” (Mat.24:35).



“the same day, were al the fountaines of the great deepe broken vp”



The beginning of the Flood of the waters, like the tip of the iceberg, was only the visible part of the global destruction. The invisible part was: destruction of the bowels of the Earth (Earth density change and its volume expansion), weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field, increase in the Earth’s atmosphere and, as a result, pressure reduction, destruction of the Earth’s crust, destruction of the Earth’s outer “water” shell, slowing down of the Earth’s rotation around its axis and its displacement, change of the periods of revolution of the moon around the earth and the Earth around the Sun. But this is far from all; changes have occurred at the atomic level on the scale of the entire Universe.

Water Flood is a prototype of those changes in man that occurred during his fall in the Garden of Eden. Scripture prophetically says: “the same day, were al the fountaines of the great deepe broken vp” (Gen. 7:11). Lucifer and his angels were like a sea that went beyond its borders this day. But the Lord affirmed his determination to him, “set barres and doores, And said, Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further: and heere shall thy proud waues be stayed.” (Job 38: 10,11).

Through this type, Scripture enables us to experience and understand the full extent of this fall. Since then, everything living and nonliving in this world has lost its perfection and degrades, collapses and dies, because death and hell began to reign on Earth. Since then, every person in his life makes a choice: to be saved in the ark in order to have eternal life or perish in the waters of the Flood.

Noah’s ark is a prototype of a heavenly tabernacle that has not yet been built, and also a prototype of God’s protection for every person who loves the truth and understands the fear of the LORD, because “he that doth these things, shall neuer be moued.” (Ps. 14:5).

The waters of the Flood are also a prototype of several events. It shows us the scale of the disaster and the degree of destruction at the time of the fall of man. And also, it is a prototype of the “tempest” during the harvest period, lasting 49 years. Thirdly, it shows us the last day of the Millennium.

Volumetric Expansion of the Earth began with a break in the earth's crust. Its fault occurred due to the onset of physicochemical processes in the bowels of the Earth, which were accompanied by the release of a huge amount of water.

“Scientists have modeled the conditions that are characteristic of the bowels of the Earth, in particular, a temperature of about 1.4 thousand degrees Celsius and a pressure 20 thousand times greater than at the surface of the planet. With these parameters, silicon dioxide contained in the mantle undergoes a chemical reaction with hydrogen, which leads to the formation of water and silicon hydride.” [14]

“ the heauens were of olde, and the earth standing out of the water, and in the water,

Whereby the world that then was, being ouerflowed with water, perished” (2Pet.3:5-6)

The pressure of the water inside broke the crust, its parts are the current continents, islands and continental shelves. Since that time they have been in constant motion, this phenomenon has received the name: continental drift. [15]

Fracture sites of the earth’s crust are preserved as scars on the body. They are clearly visible on the relief map of the bottom of the oceans.




Fountains of red-hot lava interspersed with superheated water vapor were erupting from the cracks of the earth’s crust. Transverse lines of discontinuities indicate that the middle and final stages of the active phase of the Earth’s volume expansion were already finishing under water. Fountains of red-hot lava interspersed with superheated water vapor - these are “the fountaines of the great deepe” (Gen.7:11).




The radius of the Earth before the flood was 3700 km, the radius of the Earth is currently 6371 km. [16]

The processes associated with the expansion of the Earth, decrease slowly, they cannot be completed. We can only talk about the speed of these processes. After the flood, the active phase continued for another three hundred years, and ended only in the days of Peleg’s life (Gen. 10:25). And this means that all this time the water continued to arrive, but already weaker, the mountains continued to grow, but already weaker, and all these processes inside the earth's crust were accompanied by natural disasters - earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, hail, drought, floods. All these processes, as residual phenomena, continue in our time, but already weakly. They fade for a while, then renew with renewed vigor. The Earth continues to expand. From the faults of the earth's crust, water still continues to flow. But not this factor is the root cause of natural disasters. The root cause is the wickedness of man on Earth. Soon, during the harvest period, these phenomena will resume with renewed vigor. It is noted that, compared with the past, the gap between the tectonic plates of America and Europe is increasing rapidly. [17]

All these processes will be completely stopped only in the future Millennium. And they will resume again, when “Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdome against kingdome” again; Then “great earthquakes shall be in diuers places, and famines, and pestilences: and fearefull sights and great signes shall there be from heauen” (Luke.21:10,11).

The atmosphere of the Earth before the Flood consisted of two shells: the air one and the outer “water” one, because heavens were, like “the earth standing out of the water, and in the water” (2Pet.3:5). The “waters, which were aboue the firmament”, like the glass dome of a greenhouse, created a greenhouse effect, ensuring uniform heating of the Earth. It is only unknown in what physico-chemical state the water was, and by what force this dome was held above the Earth. The “water” shell that collapsed during the Flood was pouring rain “vpon the earth, fortie dayes, and forty nights” (Gen.7:4). By analogy with “the waters, which were vnder the firmament” (Gen. 1:7), one could occur a chemical reaction with the formation of water.

Currently, glass domes are a popular element of modern architecture. To save heat, energy and create a space with a special microclimate, greenhouses, conservatories, gyms and even residential buildings are built under glass domes.

The entire planet had the same subtropical climate, so in all the architectural structures built at that time and preserved to this day, there is no hint of any elements of the heating system. No furnaces were originally planned; all of them were made later by the first settlers after the Flood.

Living conditions before the Flood contributed to human longevity. Judging by the biblical chronology, after the Flood, the life expectancy of people slowly decreased, as can be seen from the years lived. Peleg lived 239 years. The headlight is 205 years old. Abraham is 175 years old. Jacob is 147 years old. What is the reason for a smooth decrease in human life expectancy? After all, the living conditions on earth after the Flood have changed dramatically. The fact is that we estimate the life expectancy of people in the years lived, but we must also take into account the length of the day. So, before the Flood the day was much shorter. And therefore, the main reason for the decrease in years lived was a gradual increase in the length of the day. Substance density reduction of the Earth and its volume expansion during the first centuries after the Flood, was the reason for the slowdown of its rotation around its axis.

So, after the Flood, the living conditions on Earth really worsened, but all these factors had a lesser effect on the human lifespan, expressed in years, than a smooth increase in the length of the day.

The residual effects of this process are still being observed. Earth's rotation speed is still decreasing. Since 1972, 24 seconds have been added.



He appointed the moon for seasons



The firmament of the Earth from the day of creation of the lights “in the firmament of the heauen” was transparent to observe them. People, observing the Sun, the Moon and the stars, counted down “seasons, and for dayes and yeeres” (Gen. 1:14). Based on the frequency and consistency of the movements of celestial bodies, a lunar-solar calendar was compiled. The calendar allowed keeping time records, recording dates of historical events, compiling the book of the generations. Therefore, using the book of the generations from Adam (Gen. 5) to Noah (Gen. 7:6), you can determine the year the Flood began absolutely accurately. The Flood began in 1656 from the creation of Adam.

Scripture, narrating about the events of that year, shows us two dates and names the time interval between them. From 17 days of the second month to 17 days of the seventh month, “an hundred and fifty dayes” passed (Gen. 7:24).

“¶ In the sixe hundredth yeere of Noahs life, in the second moneth, the seuenteenth day of the moneth, the same day, were al the fountaines of the great deepe broken vp, and the windowes of heauen were opened” (Gen.7:11)

“And the Arke rested in the seuenth moneth, on the seuenteenth day of the moneth, vpon the mountaines of Ararat” (Gen.8:4)

Scripture makes it clear to us that the five months of the lunar-solar calendar of that time were 150 days. Of course, after global destruction, the calendar became invalid. The “mechanism” of the heavenly clock was spoiled: During the year, it was possible to notice that the phase of the moon does not correspond to the day of the calendar month, and during the following years to pay attention that the calendar month does not correspond to the season. But the Author of the Scripture, indicating the dates of those events, uses the previous lunar-solar calendar to show us amazing harmony and accuracy in the lost coordination of the length of the day with the duration of the lunar month and solar year. Scripture shows us that during the observation period of 1656 years that began in the Garden of Eden, the calendar error was 00 days, 00 hours, 00 minutes, 00 seconds, because:

The period of the Earth’s revolution around the Sun was 360 days, 00 hours, 00 minutes, 00 seconds.

The period of revolution of the Moon around the Earth was 30 days, 00 hours, 00 minutes, 00 seconds.

Therefore, the only lunar-solar calendar of that time was based on the true periodicity of the motion of the Earth and the Moon, and therefore did not have an error. The accuracy of the calendar was at the level of error of the atomic clock. The day of the calendar month always corresponded to the phase of the moon.

The axis of rotation of the Earth was perpendicular to the plane of its orbit of rotation around the Sun. The plane of the orbit of the moon was in the plane of the orbit of the Earth. And at each new moon a solar eclipse could be observed, and at a full moon a lunar eclipse could be observed, these phenomena were always observed at the same time. They marked the beginning and middle of each month, and allowed to make an accurate countdown.

“He appointed the moone for seasons” (Ps.104:19)

In the years of the USSR, every day at 15:00 Moscow time, radio signals of the exact time were transmitted. And before that, the announcer said the standard phrase: “Moscow says, we transmit signals of the exact time. The beginning of the sixth signal corresponds to fifteen hours of Moscow time.”

Now it’s clear what signs Scripture says in the words of God:

“¶ And God said, Let there bee lights in the firmament of the heauen, to diuide the day from the night: and let them be for signes and for seasons, and for dayes and yeeres.” (Gen.1:14)

The first day of the new year on this calendar has always been the first day of the month. And if summer and winter were on the antediluvian Earth, then the calendar month would always correspond to the time of year.

During global destruction, the axis of rotation of the Earth deviated from the vertical by an angle of 23 degrees 27 arc minutes. And the plane of the Moon’s orbit received an inclination relative to the plane of the Earth’s orbit, at an angle of 5 degrees 9 arc minutes.

Further, due to an increase in the diameter of the Earth, its rotation around its axis slowed down. But this is all a simplified view of the changes. It was supplemented by the phenomenon of precession, in which the angular momentum of the body changes its direction in space, and the phenomenon of nutation. Nutation is vibrations that are superimposed on a precession.

Changed rotation periods: of the Earth around its axis, of the Earth around the Sun, and of the Moon around the Earth since then do not agree with each other in duration, each celestial object began to live its own life, with some exceptions. The revolution of the Moon around the Earth and the rotation around its own axis are only synchronized, therefore we see one side of the Moon.

Due to these discrepancies, all existing calendars are forced to use the conditional periodicity of the Earth and the Moon, which means they have an error and need to be adjusted.

Scripture on behalf of the LORD says:

“While the earth remaineth, seed-time and haruest, and cold, and heat, and Summer, and Winter, and day and night, shall not cease” (Gen.8:22)

The waters of the Flood, in which all flesh was destroyed, is also a prototype of the end of the world at the end of the “sixth day” of creation. Imagine a universe surrounded by the waters of a great deep (Job 38:30). Now imagine a picture when once the windows of heaven open and the whole gigantic volume of water of the great abyss collapses inward, squeezing the space. The sun, approaching the Earth, will cause rain from fire and sulfur (Gen. 19:24), “the earth also and the works that are therin shalbe burnt vp” (2Pet. 3:10). Thus, Scripture as well compares the last days of the Millennium with what it was “in the dayes of Lot” (Luke 17:28).

Only “Noah” and his sons will be saved and blessed (Gen. 9).


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Translated from the Russian by Konstantin Samsonov

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