Путь Господень

Part 1

The history of “Ancientry”

Chapter 3

Babylon; a city and a tower

Work by S.Y. Kharchenko


        In 1657, Noah and his family left the ark. The ark stopped on the Armenian Highlands in the Araks River basin.

Noah’s Ark coordinates: N39 ° 26'25.36 " E44 ° 14'5.42"




Scripture says that the family of Noah came from the East, but the ark, relative to Mesopotamia, is in the North. It turns out that the direction of the movement of the Noah family was from north to south. How to understand this? Maybe Moses was wrong? Not! The fact is that their route ran along the rivers, and they really began to move from the east. Noah’s family, “as they iourneyed from the East” to the West, they went to the upper reaches of the Murat River. This river, being a tributary of the Euphrates, flows from east to west. Further they went downstream of this river, before its confluence with the Euphrates. Their entire route from east to west, only in a straight line, is 480 kilometers, in reality they came much more. Then they turned southeast and walked down the river Euphrates. Walking along the right side of the river, they reached a place called Ur of the Chaldeans. The path to the southeast in a straight line is 1100 kilometers. Given the curvature of the riverbed, they went one and a half times more. In total, from the ark to Ur of the Chaldeans, they covered about 2,500 kilometers. Walking this distance over rough terrain without roads and paths is not easy.




Before the Flood, people were building cities, cathedrals, monuments, created works of art, “eating, and drinking, marrying, and giuing in mariage” (Mat.24:38), and “knew not vntill the Flood came” (Mat. 24:39). That world died, but people have not changed at all. The descendants of Noah, stopping on the plain of Shinar expressed their intention to build “a city and a tower, whose top may reach vnto heauen” (Gen.11:4):

“Goe to, let vs build vs a city and a tower”, “and let vs make vs a name” (Gen.11:4).

Wisdom and valour were not found among the descendants of Noah. They built a tower to heaven by joint efforts, together. Although it was not conceived as a religious building, its builders followed the path of Cain.

There was no enmity and division between the descendants of Noah. The “whole earth was of one language, and of one speach” (Gen.11:1). Nimrod, as the great-grandson of Noah, together with everyone was building the city and the tower. He, along with all, wore clay, wore bitumen, molded bricks and burn them. The history of the construction of the tower is distorted in literature and art. Any tower was not built under the leadership of king Nimrod. And its view in paintings, mosaics and frescoes is a figment of imagination of the artists. In addition, mistakes made in some translation make it difficult to see the true location of the tower, which was built by the descendants of Noah.

Scripture tells about the confound of the language of the builders of the city and the tower and their settlement in the face of the whole earth. This is the time when “the most High diuided to the nations their inheritance, when he separated the sonnes of Adam” (Deut.32:8)

God addressed the descendants of Shem, Ham, Japheth, as representatives of future nations, in languages ​​understandable to them: “Get thee out of thy countrey, and from thy kinred, and from thy fathers house, vnto a land that I will shew thee” (Gen.12:1). They, obeying the will of the Lord, left their city, left their homes. By the way, their houses were very comfortable. They were with water supply, sewage and pools.

But why does the Scripture not speak more about this event? After all, people left without knowing where they were going. They, not seeing that land, walked by faith. But the Scripture, narrating about this, is not going to disrupt the course of events. In expounding to us the genealogy of Shem, and speaking of the family of Farrah, Scripture continues to tell the story further.

“And Terah tooke Abram his sonne, and Lot the sonne of Haran his sonnes sonne, and Sarai his daughter in lawe, his sonne Abrams wife, and they went foorth with them from Ur of the Chaldees, to goe into the land of Canaan: and they came vnto Haran, and dwelt there”

Among the people who left the city was the Terah’s family. They, according to the command, were to go to the land of Canaan, but, having left Ur of the Chaldeans, they stopped in Harran. In this verse, Scripture names the city that builders left. It is called Ur of the Chaldeans; its second name is Babel (Gen.11:9).

But not everyone listened to the Lord. Nimrod, as the grandson of Ham (Genesis 10:6-8), was to go south to Africa, “in the land of Ham” (Ps.105:23), but it was not part of his plans. Nimrod used the city abandoned by the builders to create his kingdom, and the Babel Tower to serve other gods. Until this time, none of the descendants of Noah served other gods and they were all equal to each other. They, obeying the LORD, left their homes and walked into the lands that He indicated to them. But Nimrod, who rebelled against the Lord, was destroying the faith of people. He managed to trick some people into neglecting the will of the Lord and staying with him in the city. He used all his hunting skills, prudence, cunning, knowledge of the habits of an animal, the ability to track it; he used all these things in a “hunt” for people and was deftly luring them into his nets. He “began to be a mighty one” against the LORD.

“And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth.

He was a mighty hunter before the LORD: wherefore it is saide, Euen as Nimrod the mightie hunter before the LORD.” (Gen.10:8,9)

“And the beginning of his kingdome was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar” (Gen.10:10).

The Lord, having mixed the language of the builders of the city and the tower, and having forced them to speak different languages, laid the foundation for their division by lands, races, nationalities. Only after these time kingdoms began to appear, the competition of nations began. Nimrod was the first king. He wore bull horns, which symbolized physical strength and power. In order for people to believe and worship him, he had to impersonate a great man, surprising them. For this, mysteries were held, which were theatrical performances. You can imagine a picture of how Nimrod, laying on his head the horns of a bull, jumps from foot to foot and moo. And his subjects, playing along with him, pleasingly exclaim: “Who is like vnto the beast? Who is able to make warre with him?” (Rev.13:4).

Scripture speaks of Nimrod not just like that, but so that people had fully equipped. Because in the future tense, it is in 50 years, among people will appear their own “Nimrod”. Scripture calls him the beast (Rev.13). He also, like Nimrod, will prevent people from searching for their homeland. Nimrod in Scripture is one of the types of the beast that, on the eve of the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, will come out of the sea to deceive the inhabitants of the earth (Rev.13:1).

Scripture calls the city of Nimrod as Babel (Gen. 10:10). The Scripture calls the city of builders who lived in it as Ur of the Chaldeans.

Archaeologists from all over the world could not find the tower that the descendants of Noah were building (Gen.11:4). Studying the traditions of antiquity, they are still looking for it. And what is surprising, an officer of the English detachment, even during the First World War, turned their attention to this tower. But they walked past it as if they had not seen. Every person who studies history, but neglects the Word of God, spends time and effort in vain, he turns into these blind archaeologists. In general, archaeologists, historians, and other scholars for whom the Bible is a collection of myths and legends are professionally unsuitable. They are not able to draw the right conclusions.

The discovery of Ur of the Chaldeans was due to chance. During the First World War, one officer of the English detachment, Cambat Thomson, drew attention to the four-stage Ziggurat tower, located in this place and reported his finding to scientists. The expedition in 1923 began excavations. In 1929, Ur of the Chaldeans came out from under the sand. Scientists, of course, read the Bible. But the only thing they learned was that Abram lived in this city. But they were not understood the main thing.

“In none of the other cities of Mesopotamia were found such large, and most importantly, comfortable houses, as in Ur of the Chaldeans. Even Babylonian houses, in comparison with them, seem modest. Suffice it to say that there were houses with several floors, with thirteen to fourteen rooms in each. There were also pools and stairs made of bricks, and under the stairs there were carefully disguised latrines with water sewers.” [1]

In order to save their reputation (prosperity), historians, to justify the failures in the search for the Tower of Babylon, came up with a story with its destruction. Alexander the Great was made by the culprit. It turns out that the Tower of Babel was dismantled by him for the purpose of reconstruction, but it was no longer possible to assemble the tower, it’s not meant to be. Here is how! This lie is designed for a person who will not go into details. This is where they saw such restoration work so that the structure was dismantled till the ground, and then assembled? Especially if, according to them, it was a colossal pyramid. Yes, historians are great professionals in the field of fraud.

And in general, the Bible does not have the name "Tower of Babylon." The Tower of Babylon is a phraseological thing that means:

1) a tall building;

2) a grandiose project, the implementation of which is problematic;

3) an undertaking that perishes due to excessive pride and arrogance.

Historic places can be viewed in Google Earth Pro.

The place where Babylon used to be has the coordinates: N32 ° 32'33 " E 44 ° 25'55"

The tower in Ur of the Chaldeans has the coordinates: N30 ° 57'46.23 " E46 ° 6'11.78"

The tower in Ur of the Chaldeans is called Ziggurat Etemenniguru. Ziggurat is a multi-stage religious building. Near the tower are visible numerous remains of the base of houses. In one of them Abram was born. Nearby is a US military base.




Abram was born in the 70th year of Terah’s life, and not in the 130th year, as some interpreters believe, misunderstanding Terah’s death (Acts.7:4). They believe that Abram left Harran after he buried his father. But then, given the life of Farrah (205 years) and the age of Abram (75 years), when he “departed out of Haran” (Gen.12:4), Abram was to be born in the 130th year of life of Terah. But this is unreal.

Firstly, after the Flood, the life expectancy of a person decreased. As a result, the average age of the parent, at the time of the birth of the child, also decreased. For example, “Nahor liued nine and twentie yeeres, and begate Terah” (Gen.11:24). And the birth of Isaac from almost a hundred-year-old Abram, whose body “now dead” (Rom. 4:19) was a divine miracle. And Sarah, at 90 years old, had passed the age when it was possible to conceive. Therefore, how can it be argued that a 130-year-old Farrah could have a son, and at the age of 140, Sarah too?

“Then Abraham fell vpon his face, and laughed, and said in his heart, Shall a child be borne vnto him that is an hundred yeeres old? and shal Sarah that is ninetie yeeres old, beare?” (Gen.17:17)

Secondly, exit the Terah’s family from Ur of the Chaldeans, together with other builders of the city, was for the purpose of their resettlement throughout the face of the earth. Therefore, this event took place in the days of Peleg’s life, while the earth was not yet divided (Gen.10:25). The earth was already divided in the 130th year of Terah’s life; people lived on the islands, and were divided according to languages on the continents.

Third, Abraham was the firstborn of Terah, and was born when Terah was 70 years old. The Scripture says: “And Terah liued seuenty yeeres, and begate Abram, Nahor, & Haran” (Gen.11:26).

So Abram left his father in the 145th year of his life in Charran, obeying the command of the Lord: “Get thee out of thy countrey, and from thy kinred, and from thy fathers house, vnto a land that I will shew thee” (Gen.12:1). During his life in Harran, it’s about 50 years, his father became an idolater.

Joshua, turning to Israel, said:

“Your fathers dwelt on the other side of the flood in old time, euen Terah the father of Abraham, and the father of Nachor: and they serued other gods.”

And I tooke your father Abraham frō the other side of the flood, and led him throughout all the land of Canaan, and multiplied his seed, and gaue him Isaac” (Josh.24:2‑3).

The Scripture in the words of the Lord: “And I tooke ...” explains the reason why Abram had to leave his father’s house and leave the city. The same thought, but expressed in other words: “Abram left Charran“, when “his father was dead” (Acts 7:4). His father turned into a spiritually dead person.

“So Abram departed, as the LORD had spoken vnto him, and Lot went with him: And Abram was seuentie and fiue yeeres old when he departed out of Haran” (Gen.12:4).

It is impossible to say exactly what year the family of Terah left Ur of the Chaldeans, but knowing the days of Peleg’s life (Gen. 10:25), we can roughly name the year in which this event occurred, and also determine the time interval during which the descendants of Noah were resettled “vpon the face of the whole earth”. Using biblical chronology, we determine that Peleg died 340 years after the completion of the Flood.



So, we can absolutely say for sure that by this time the Earth was divided, and the resettlement of Noah’s descendants was completed. This date defines the upper limit of the desired time period.

In the 292nd year, from the end of the Flood, Abram was born. If we assume that he was married at the age of 30, then the family of Terah in 322 from the end of the flood could, together with the rest of the people, leave Ur of the Chaldeans (Gen.11:29-31).

Moreover, the required time interval during which the descendants of Noah settled “vpon the face of the whole earth” will be no more than 18 years, from 322 to 340 years from the end of the Flood. This time is enough.

In 300 years after the Flood, the ecological system was restored. The land area covered by trees was rapidly increasing. Birds and animals actively proliferated in the forests, fish were breding in the rivers. This circumstance was a necessary condition for the beginning of the settlement of the tribes, since every “mouing thing that liueth” (Gen.9:3), was given to man for food after the Flood. And without using “the greene herbe” to move from south to north is even more impossible.

The descendants of Japheth were enough for two years to pass through the Caucasus, reach Europe and settle in their inheritance. But such a pace of movement would be excessive for women, children and livestock, “the children are tender, and the flocks and herds with young are”. The real time for the resettlement of the descendants of Japheth, I think, is 4 years. In Transcaucasia still grow trees that are witnesses or at least peers of those events. These are yews more than 30 meters high with a trunk diameter of up to 2.5 meters. Their age is more than 4000 years.

The descendants of Ham at that time settled in Africa. The tribes of Shem went to India, Japan, Australia. There was an isthmus between mainland Asia and Australia, from which there remained islands called the Malay Archipelago.

But the longest and most difficult journey was overcome by the tribes of Shem, whose inheritances were in America. Together with the tribes of Japheth, they passed the Caucasus, as evidenced by numerous dolmens. In Europe, they had dividing. I suppose that their further path passed through the northern territories. It was the shortest route to America. Significant territory adjoined to Eurasia in the north, which turned into the Arctic shelf. It was connected through the Lomonosov Ridge and the island of Greenland with America. This can be seen on the map, which shows the Arctic shelf. As soon as the Shem’s tribes who went to America set foot on the land of North America, the dividing of the land could no longer prevent their further moving and settlement on two continents. This entire route, counting from Ur of the Chaldeans to North America, taking into account the terrain, was more than 12,000 kilometers. From Ur of the Chaldeans to Australia there was about the same.

It is interesting to know if anyone dared to go from the southern point of South America at that time, is Cape Horn, through Antarctica to Australia? In our time, Antarctica is covered with ice, the thickness of which reaches four kilometers, but at that time the territory of Antarctica was free of ice. However, it was a risky undertaking. The time allotted for resettlement was running out and in the event of a delay on the way, one could forever remain in Antarctica. This route through Antarctica to Australia was only 20,700 kilometers.




The mountain system of the Caucasus began to form since the destruction of the earth's crust during the Flood. In places of tectonic faults, shale strata emerged. They were in the form of sand and clay layers. During the resettlement of the tribes, the geological activity of the earth's crust was still high, and the crust continued to squeeze these shales from its bowels. They could be used in construction as ready-made slabs and blocks. The settlers took them, carrying out rough processing and were building dolmens in the same place. It was not difficult to make a hole in the block into which a person could crawl or cut a groove. Material from the depths of the earth was plastic. It had easily scribbled, cut with simple tools and was accessible. Over time, this material, after polymerization, was turning into stone. The “houses” built on the parking lots, actually on the move, in haste, were used as warehouses for storing food and other needs. They could not be religious buildings, because the settlers did not have extra time and extra strength to worship other gods. This thought could not even come to their mind, because they carried out the command of the LORD.

The descendants of Japheth, passing through the Caucasus, settled Europe. They, finding the cities destroyed by the Flood, restored them. First of all, large cult cities of the past civilization were subject to restoration. Currently, in their places are cities: Rome, or rather the Vatican, the historical part of St. Petersburg, the Kremlin in Moscow.

Scripture says that the descendants of Noah settled “vpon the face of the whole earth”. And indeed, no one had to cross the ocean. After the flood, although the earth was split, it looked like a single piece of land. It was not divided by water into continents, so they without any difficulties dispersed “vpon the face of the whole earth”. And as soon as the sons of man settled on continents and islands, the earth was divided (Gen.10:25).



“it is giuen vnto you to know the mysteries of the kingdome of heauen”



The disciples asked Jesus, why did he speak unto them in parables? “He answered, and said vnto them, Because it is giuen vnto you to know the mysteries of the kingdome of heauen, but to them it is not giuen” (Mat.13:11). People who love lies and eat the fruits of the tree of knowledge are not given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven. They, seeing the creations of God and hearing the Word of God, should not “vnderstand with their heart” (Mat.13:15) and will continue to serve idols.

“It is the glory of God to conceale a thing: but the honour of Kings is to search out a matter” (Prov.25:2).

We examined the historical significance of Bible verses written by the prophet Moses. They are accessible for interpretation to any person, “Who hath eares to heare” (Mat.13:9). But Scripture has double authorship. And now, in order to understand what the Author of the Scriptures himself tells us, we will consider the prophetic meaning of these verses (Gen.11:1-9). He, as a rule, is hidden from the reader, and only a person who trusts the Word of God understands it.

“And they sayd one to another; Goe to, let vs make bricke, and burne them thorowly. And they had bricke for stone, and slime had they for morter.

And they said; Goe to, let vs build vs a city and a tower, whose top may reach vnto heauen, and let vs make vs a name, lest we be scattered abroad vpon the face of the whole earth” (Gen.11:3‑4).

These verses show the essence of all religions. Religion teaches that to receive salvation, to “reach heaven”, it is possible, having justified ourselves by our deeds, it is said: “let vs build vs”, “let vs make”. Numerous bricks in the tower structure are like the fruits of man’s works brought to God by him. It is said: let us “burne them thorowly”. A man bears the fruits of his labors and places them on the altar for a burnt offering. He believes that he pleased God, but the Scripture says: “Wo vnto them, for they haue gone in the way of Kain” (Jude 1:11). God does not accept such an offering (Gen.4:3-5)!

The first thought occurs to a person, and he exclaims: “But let’s do it like this. It seems to me that it will be better.” The LORD gave the man His Word, a detailed “instruction” on how to receive eternal life, but the man with the words, “Goe to, let vs make” changes the rules as he pleases.

In the words “may reach” there is a doubt in the implementation of such work. The builders have no confidence that this tower will one day reach heaven. This means that a religious person, having faith, does not have confidence in his salvation, because he believes in God, but does not believe God. And only a person who trusts the Word of God has confidence in his future.

Further, in these verses there is a reason why people turn to religion: “lest we be scattered abroad”. In other words, so that we do not disappear in eternity, do not go into non-existence. In the words of the tower builders, even having made a name for themselves, fear is felt. They still heard that hell is. All religious people of the world go together on one broad road to perdition.

Ҧ Enter ye in at the strait gate, for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which goe in thereat:

Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way which leadeth vnto life, and few there be that finde it” (Mat.7:13-14)

MANY choose the easy way.

“Therefore is the name of it called Babel, because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad vpon the face of all the earth. (Gen.11:9).

It turns out that in English the meaning of some words of the Bible is more clear. Babel -- noise, mixing languages. The English text of the King James Bible (KJV 1611) is accurate and perfect, it allows you to see two different cities. Babel and Babylon the names are consonant and the meaning is the same, but these are two different cities, therefore they are written differently. There is a need to be careful about every word of the Bible.

The city, which is a hotbed of religion around the world, Scripture generically calls - Babylon. Under the name of Babylon, the Scriptures show us a city in which truth is mixed with falsehood and this poison is scattered throughout the earth, it is said: “there confound” “and from thence” “scatter them abroad”. This is its own city and its own tower in it for each time period. The first such city was Alexandria of Egypt. The first builders of its tower were pagan philosophers who founded the Alexandrian school. In an attempt to reach heaven, its philosophers wrote an Egyptian family of manuscripts to replace the divine Greek text of Christians from Antioch. [2]

Then Rome took the baton. The tower in the city is the Roman Catholic Church, the builders of which, in a fit of desire to reach heaven, have appropriated the right of the highest authority on Scripture issues. The third and last city will be Moscow, it is mentioned in the Scriptures as the great Whore (Rev.17). The time will come when the Kremlin will turn into the Orthodox Vatican. The Orthodox Church is also like a tower in a city whose builders would also like to reach heaven. And a great many people will take part in this work, it is said: the “great Citie” (Rev.17:18). There is an expression: “Moscow is the third Rome”, it is truly prophetic. But it would be more correct to say: “Moscow is the third Babylon.” This will be the third and last Babylon in the history of mankind. It will reach its climax and will rapidly disappear. The third Babylon will be destroyed so that there will be no man or cattle left in it, and this place will be an eternal wilderness (Jer.51:62) - complete destruction.

“So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence, vpon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the Citie” (Gen.11:8)

Using the example of building a tower and a city in Ur of the Chaldeans, the Author of Scripture shows us a great many people united by the goal of reaching heaven, but at the same time, here are miracles, they are going in the opposite direction -- “in the way of Kain”. Kain had both faith and works, but God cursed him.

Satan has the power to give man what he has actually chosen in life. Man loved formality and untruth!? There is no doubt that he will receive a perverse mind and strong delusion! And Satan has this authority from God (2Thess.2:11-12). Even if such persons picks up the Bible and reads it, they still pervert the Words of God, “vnto their owne destruction” (2Pet.3:16), no matter how wise and educated they are. Satan, living with his sword, serves his brother. Scripture prophetically says: “And by thy sword shalt thou liue, and shalt SERUE THY BROTHER” (Gen.27:40). Read the work: “The Butler and the Baker.”

Therefore, people who walk the path of Kain are not able to see and understand the complete substitution of the true faith and the Scriptures. Christ spoke the parable:

“The kingdome of heauen is like vnto leauen, which a woman tooke, and hid in three measures of meale, till the whole was leauened” (Mat.13:33).

This parable confirms the existence of three time periods in the development of the Christian religion. The woman referred to here is depicted in chapter 17 of the book of Revelation.

“And vpon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots, And Abominations Of The Earth” (Rev.17:5).

This is wickednesse (Zech.5:8).

Its resemblance unites a huge number of people, it is said: Babylon The Great. It includes people of absolutely all religions of the world: Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and others. And absolutely all of them follow “in the way of Kain”.

Woman “is their resemblance through all the earth” (Zech.5:6)

The woman in the parable is the church of Satan. Satan has his own church - a woman, and has his own scripture - leaven. Three measures of meal in a parable are nations and peoples in three historical periods of time. When to the people, who follow the beast, there will be put “a marke in their right hand, or in their foreheads” (Rev.13:16), this will mean “the whole was leauened”. The time will come for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Meal, spoiled by leaven, means people deceived by the devil.

If we consider this parable as a task with the question: “What were the three measures of meal, in comparison with each other, that a woman had?” The answer will be this: “The first measure of meal, which had this woman, was small in volume; the second measure is larger than the first one; but the third one is very large.”

In contrast to meal spoiled by leaven, there are unleavened breads that are mixed as three measures “of fine meale” (Gen.18:6). Scripture, using a type, says this:

“And Abraham hastened into the tent, vnto Sarah, & said; Make ready quickly three measures of fine meale, knead it, and make cakes vpon the hearth” (Gen.18:6)

The wife, bride of the Lamb is a type of called, & chosen, and faithfull (Rev.17:14). The division into groups corresponds to three time periods. Before the marriage of the Lamb, called, & chosen, and faithfull will be arayed “in fine linnen, cleane and white: for the fine linnen is the righteousnesse of Saints” (Rev.19:8).

Thus, pure and white meal, which the Babylonian Whore cannot spoil, is a prototype of the saved sinners, to whom there will be imputed the righteousness of God by faith. They, having remained faithful to Christ “vnto death”, will receive “a crowne of life” (Rev.2:10).

Scripture through the types makes it possible to visually compare the righteousness of God and the righteousness of any person. Own righteousness of any person looks like meal spoiled by leaven.

And why is the third Babylon still not started to build? What is the problem? The first verse answers this question. He calls the necessary condition for the construction of another Babylon, the city and the tower.

“And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech” (Gen.11:1)

These words mean complete unity and mutual understanding in the world. In other words, there should be a unipolar world, one center of power on earth. The third Babylon, the city and the tower will be built only under this condition. A multipolar world is currently being formed, but it will not be long.

Scripture says that the whole great united family of Noah was descending from the foothills of Ararat.

“And it came to passe as they iourneyed from the East, that they found a plaine in the land of Shinar, and they dwelt there” (Gen.11:2)

The Babylonian teaching every time comes in Europe, and therefore in the world “from the East”, to say more precisely, from the Middle East. This name was given by Europeans to the eastern region closest to them. The task of Babylon is to completely replace the true faith and the Scripture, so that a person cannot find the gate and “the way which leadeth vnto life” (Mat.7:13,14). In the history of mankind there are three cities successively replace each other, performing the functions of Babylon. It is understandable, because the world is changing, and the previous religious system cannot cope with work. The first Babylon is already in the past time. Third Babylon is yet in the future one. The Babylon of our time is the Roman Catholic Church (RCC), and its time is running out. But the Babylonian Whore will capture Europe with new force; this time the rules of the game will be dictated from Moscow. And again, this religion will come to the world, to Europe, from the Middle East, this is a pattern. Growing up occurs in two stages. At first, wickedness develops in the Middle East, then it migrates and invades Europe. It moved to Rome from Alexandria of Egypt; now it will go to Moscow from New Rome.

The corrupted manuscripts, together with a belief system, spread throughout Europe from Alexandria of Egypt. As you know, Egypt (North Africa) is part of a region called the Middle East. Time passed and one kingdom succeeded another. And so, the Roman Empire was formed.

The Roman Catholic Church (RCC) became successor to the teachings of the Alexandrian school. In 330, the Roman emperor Constantine I moved the capital to the East, to New Rome, its unofficial name is Constantinople. Currently, the city is called Istanbul, and it is part of Turkey, which means it is part of a region called the Middle East.

Now, religion, like a woman in the midst of an Ephah (Zech.5:7), will be transferred from this city to a house in the land of Shinar, “and it shall be established, and set there vpon her owne base” (Zech.5:11). People who will witness this process in the future will note the prophetic accuracy of verses of the fifth chapter of the book of Zechariah (Zech.5). And as soon as this wickedness is resettled, its power will embrace “peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues” (Rev.17:15). In the book of Revelation, she is named: “that woman Iezebel”. Her task is to teach and mislead people by perverting the Word of God (Rev. 2:20).

According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Orthodox Church must be separated from the state. But contrary to the law, it received a special status. Currently, this “spiritual brace” of society is making attempts to infiltrate the secondary education system and the Army. It is still timid, but already trying to participate in politics, considering itself a power. Further there will be more. On the eve of the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, the members of this church will fully know the depths of Satan.

When John was shown this “Christian church” through a vision, he probably was speechless for several minutes while he came to his senses. It is said: “I wondred with great admiration” (Rev.17:6).




Coordinates of Istanbul: 41.01384 28.94966

Coordinates of Alexandria: 31.2000924 29.9187387

As can be seen from the figure, the cities are almost on the same meridian, the difference is one degree of east longitude. The difference in latitude is 10 degrees’ north latitude. Interestingly, these two cities of the Middle East are equidistant from Antioch of Syria by 800 kilometers. Currently it is the city of Antakya. The school of Antioch was founded in this city, “and the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch” (Acts 11:26).

Two cities involved in the future distribution of the new leaven are equidistant from London, as are two cities of the Middle East relative to Antioch of Syria. The Word of God began to spread in the form of separate manuscripts from Antioch. The King James Bible was written in London. The “woman Iezebel”, moving from one city to another, as if shuns the Word of God. The distance must be respected because these are two opposites.




Distance London - Moscow in a straight line 2501 kilometers.

Distance London - Istanbul in a straight line 2501 kilometers.

After the defeat of Anglo-Saxon civilization, all ideas regarding the construction of a new society will be coming to the world from Russia. And this construction will continue stubbornly until the LORD comes down “to see the city and the tower” (Gen.11:5). Here Scripture speaks of the time of the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, and about the calamity that will befall the builders of the third Babylon.

“So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence, vpon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the Citie” (Gen.11:8)

The book of Genesis was written 3,500 years ago when there were no Alexandria of Egypt and Constantinople. But the author of the Scriptures “knew” that these two cities would be founded, and subsequently enter a region called the Middle East. This expression appeared only in the 19th century. The Author of the Scriptures already “knew” everything from the beginning of the world, because He Himself creates history.

So, the nine verses of Scripture (Gen.11:1-9) are able to show us the history of Christian RELIGION, its birth and death. But, for example, the corrupted text of Scripture, a text from Babylon, is devoid of the prophetic meaning that the Author laid down in it. A spoiled text does not allow a person to understand the true meaning - that is why it was written.

But the Lord keeps His Word. King James Bible is called Authorized Version. This translation was reviewed and approved by the Author of the Scriptures, which means that he really is the King’s Bible and this King is the God of heaven. Read the work, “The Bible of the King.”

“The wordes of the Lord are pure wordes: as siluer tried in a fornace of earth purified seuen times.

Thou shalt keepe them, (O Lord,) thou shalt preserue them, from this generation for euer” (Ps.12:6:7).

This Book is written and preserved in a supernatural way.


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1611 King James Version (KJV) https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org

Translated from the Russian by Konstantin Samsonov


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